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    Why no "Aiming Systems" at the SBE?

    People only understand things that are exposed to them. Many people are not at the level where they can use aiming systems, so they decide to trash it. In every aiming system, it requires a straight stroke, which I doubt everyone has perfected. Don't get too crazy over closed-minded comments...
  2. whoaaaa

    FS: Tiger TC-3

    SOLD 10 char
  3. whoaaaa

    I like to go home empty handed....

    you have the 7 out See you at SBE
  4. whoaaaa

    Michael Fain - 13 years old

    Saw him last year for the first time... kid is legit.
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    FS: Predator 29"Z2; 3/8x10 blk collar

    bump... will ship Monday $150 shipped
  6. whoaaaa

    SBE how much profit

    The lineup is sick this year. What are you talking about?? Plus many "Pros" don't need to play in the event. They just attend and enjoy it.
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    Consistently undercutting shots

    Bad habit to try to compensate using English for aiming flaws. Are you aiming to the back of the pocket? I've seen many shooters mentally aim for the back and not the front of the pocket. Good luck and keep focused.
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    Bump... will be bringing it with me to the Expo. I can ship tomorrow if paid today. Make a genuine offer and see what happens. I need room in my case for the expo. Thanks
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    *** FINALLY Getting ready to start shipping "Strokes...System n Strategies" ***

    Let us know when it arrives. I was looking to order one. Too many questionable posts on here.
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    Last bump... then hits the bay. Thanks
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    FS: Predator 29"Z2; 3/8x10 blk collar

    TGIF BUMP.....175 shipped...
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    TGIF bump!
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    FS: Predator 29"Z2; 3/8x10 blk collar

    Just as the title says, selling a straight, very clean z2 shaft. Had it on a Gilbert and the fitment was perfect. Let me know. Can ship today if paid by 3pm. I don't cheap out on shipping. You get USPS Priority. 200 shipped.
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    Great price for a quick sale. Practically brand new. LD shaft!!!
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    does anyone know where i can buy a predator bk3

    call seyberts...
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    SOLD 10char
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    FS: Tiger TC-3

    Sold SOLD Please delete
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    test post 10char
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    New TIGER CUES/SHAFTS question

    I have a TC-3 that i cannot get used to. Unfortunately i'm too use to the Predator shafts. I started with a 314 about 10 years ago and love the Z-2 shaft now. Both my Z-2s were made from KJ (seyberts) and he took out the phenolic insert to give it more feel. I thought i'd like the Tiger Shafts...
  20. whoaaaa

    Joss Tour $2500/$500 Added, March 2-3, Snookers Billiards Sports Bar, Providence, RI

    Any live brackets for this? Or does anyone know who's left? Thanks