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  1. rtrdriver

    Diamond Pool Tables - Degree of Difficulty

    I have to agree on all of your points. I played at Rack-em when you owned it and didn't much care for the way the diamonds played either. It may have been because we were playing on Murray tables most of the time at a place down the street. They have changed the tables since then; now they have...
  2. rtrdriver

    Pool table covers

    I always cover mine, even if I have to leave it for just a few minutes. (d a r n CATS!) I would probably do it any way because I'm so anal about my equipment. I've got a 9' Diamond and cover a have the folding of it down to a science, out of necessity of course. Just like someone mentioned...
  3. rtrdriver

    Gripping the cue to tight on impact

    I mentioned this on another thread a few days ago. A loose grip works good for me. Sometimes it feels like I'm throwing my cue at the cue ball and then catching it before it slips through my grip. Follow through is important. But sometimes it depends on the shot. I do notice I tighten my grip...
  4. rtrdriver

    Advantage of long cue ?

    Why not compare it to a javelin. Haven't you ever felt like you were throwing your cue at the cue ball and then catching it before it falls from your hand? Maybe it's only MY stroke that gets that loose.
  5. rtrdriver

    Some news

    So sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to you and your family, Jennifer.
  6. rtrdriver

    Is paying for pool streams online safe?

    I think we already see a lot of banners and ads , at least I do watching YouTube. And wouldn't it help them sell more of their products if they did get a bigger audience through streaming for free. :wave:
  7. rtrdriver

    BCAPL Nationals Moving To March!!!

    Good to hear. I hate it in Vegas in July. I hope your info. is correct. In 2013, the played got suspended due to thunderstorms with heavy rain and lighting. Power went out at the Rio and it took them a while to get the air conditioning up and running again. Hopefully there isn''t that kind of...
  8. rtrdriver

    Help me decide on a table size

    I've always found it more difficult to go back to a 9 footer after playing on a 7 footer for a while rather than the other way around. That's why I bought a 9'. Once you get used to a 9', a 7' seems like a kids' game. Plus the game is on a 9' foot. I think the reason they came up with the 7'...
  9. rtrdriver

    What Happens to Your Stroke at a Certain Age?

    Not too sure Scott. I was there for the BCAPL in 2013. I live in Centennial and was hanging out with Jeff ( A&E custom cues) at his booth in between matches. Did we meet there maybe or did we have a match? Sorry about your rotator but you'll be back in action soon and better than ever.:thumbup:
  10. rtrdriver

    What Happens to Your Stroke at a Certain Age?

    I started falling apart at age 54. First the kidneys, then because of transplant; the eyes (2 cataract surgeries ). Have had three more eye surgeries since. Then at 65, a major heart attack. Tore my rotator all to hell about 4 years ago ( stroke arm) and haven't had it fixed because I'm done...
  11. rtrdriver

    Pro Shaft Cleaning

    A cue maker I know said to use Mr. Clean Magic eraser to clean the shaft. It works but without a lathe I have to use a lot of elbow grease. And then it still feels a little rough. Another question I wanted to ask is how he gets them so slippery. My guess is burnishing with leather. Anybody...
  12. rtrdriver

    Quitting pool

    This has been great read for me and want to thank everyone for their input. It seems a lot of us have met the same crossroads. I love the game and have always shown natural talent for it. But all my life I've felt like I've come up short of that illusive goal of greatness and it has frustrated...
  13. rtrdriver

    What is the best way to buy a new Diamond table?

    Looks very good. A lot shinier than my charcoal. But mine was used. Are those cat climbers in the back ground? If you have cats, like I do, I wouldn't leave your table for a minute without covering it. They'll mark their territory if you're not vigilant.
  14. rtrdriver

    To those that opted for Pro Cut Pockets

    . You know so much. You tell me.
  15. rtrdriver

    To those that opted for Pro Cut Pockets

    I have the pro cut pockets on my table. If you want to improve your game, choose tight pockets but not so tight that it will frustrate you when the balls don't go in when you think you are aiming good. I think if you choose the pro pockets, you are assured that you are playing on what the pros...
  16. rtrdriver

    What is the best way to buy a new Diamond table?

    Staple gun dents? The guy who set up my Diamond pro-am said that there's nothing to staple to on theses tables. I don't know if the three piece slate would be different than a one piece, but he says they only use glue to put the cloth on. Diamond even has a glue that they prefer to use.
  17. rtrdriver

    How important is the cue ball?

    Actually money talks when it comes to sponsorship of most of the major tournaments. You will see a fair portion of Cyclops balls used because they put up the money for their advertising. Their advertising and the pro players shown using them sells their balls.
  18. rtrdriver

    How important is the cue ball?

    I prefer Aramith balls since they have a reputation and have been the standard used for years before some of these other manufacturers have come in to try to take a piece of the pie. Which IMO is good for the pool playing community since competition breads better quality. I just bought a brand...
  19. rtrdriver

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Greetings everyone. I'm Tom from Centennial Colorado. I'm an older gentleman and have been in and out of pool rooms since I was 16. I found this site while doing research and lucky for me, there are lot of knowledgeable people here. It doesn't matter how old you are; you can always learn...
  20. rtrdriver

    Portable Pool Cue Holder

    This is what I use too. It holds my cues securely so I don't have to worry about someone accidentally bumping over my VERY expensive custom cues.