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  1. dnbnt

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Back in '78 or '79 while at Marine Barracks, New London, CT., a lady bet a SSGT $100 that she could piss farther. We all went outside and she pinched herself in some kinda way and sure as he!! pissed twice as far. Wonder if this was her Mother?
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    Jumping up on shots, reconsidered.

    When my Dad was teaching me to break, he would literally hold me down. Saying, "Keep your body still". Think it has hindered my break speed, but I can be precise with where I hit the rack and english on the cue ball.
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    To play more against better players.
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    Poolplayers and their pets(hopefully a feel good thread)

    Here's my latest rottie, Bryn, a rescue. 14 months, 90 lbs and coming along nicely. Most trainable dog I've had but she's just gonna be a family dog.
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    DNB USMC '77 - '82
  6. dnbnt

    Beaker Street/Late night On the Road

    Loved it!!! We used to get that station up here in So. Wisconsin. Heard alot of music for the first time on that show.
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    My Life in Pool

    Alright, Hoped we'd get more stories from this. Thought maybe we could draw some of the NPR denizons out of the hate and discontent over there back to what we're here for. I know I'd love to hear more guys from both sides over there. Robin, Sev, Coco, RJ, Boxie, Slide, Hawaiian, Jimmy, J2, PT...
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    My Life in Pool

    Thanks to those who've participated! Great story sjm, thanks. Don't post much in this forum cause what value can I add over guys like these? Way more knowledge and experience than I possess. Would love to hear more from guys like Mr. Mosconi, Chris, Cuebuddy, evergruven, Patrick, etc... How...
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    My Life in Pool

    Ya know, I think she came in wanting to put on an exhibition only I never gave her a shot. Small world, indeed, sjm. How about at least some of your story?
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    My Life in Pool

    That's what I'm talking about! Thanks Hu! Better story than mine by far!
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    My Life in Pool

    Yep Chris, that's her. This was at Steve's on Bluemound, a well known pool bar in Milwaukee right near Miller Park. She was in town for a 9 Ball tourny at romine's and word was she was either recently divorced or about to be from Jimmy. Knew someone would call me on that.
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    My Life in Pool

    Good day! A thread here several months ago about when you first played pool got me thinking. I've hung out here since the RSB days. Honestly can't remember playing for the 1st time, was too young. Having thought alot about it I recall my Dad pounding fundamentals; closed bridge, 4 points of...
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    McDermott D19 Cue

    I've played with a D-19 for about 20 years now. I bought a D-18 from a guy who had become disillusioned with pool and said, "I think I'm gonna sell this cue." I pulled a hundred dollar bill out of my wallet and said will this do. He said $125 and I bought it on the spot. 15 years later a guy at...
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    Little voice in my head

    When I hear that little voice I try to remember my Father's BIG voice saying, "Don't be afraid to win!"
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    Giveaway, R Neighbors Conversion

    I'm in. Thanks for this and these type things sure bring out us LURKERS!
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    Wildest Bet Made Over A Game

    Damn, now I know why those shoes were hanging on the lines outside 1 of the places I shoot at (3 pairs of not cheap nike, adidas, reeboks).
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    Great White Mako Blue....

    Ttt For ya'll to see!
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    Mini-survey for pool players

    1. Favorite game to play - 8B 2. Favorite game to watch - Any played well 3. Your worst / weakest game - 1P 4. Your best game - 8B 5. Make/price of your playing cue - McDermott/$1000 6. Do you own a table? - No Have you ever had lessons? - Just my Dad 7. How often do you practice? 1X per...
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    Favor Shots from The Kitchen, Does anyone still use them?

    I've been doing those shots before breaking while opponent racks for years. Use them to adjust to new tables, cloth, etc...