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  1. Joerg

    Juwel cue

    Hi, I think this is actually a Schon cue that had inlays added by someone in Germany back in the days. He was putting precious metals / gem stones as inlays, but wasn't a cue maker so I think he bought cues from Schon and worked on them. Hope this helps! Joerg
  2. Joerg

    Schon R13 For Sale

    Interested, sent you a PM...
  3. Joerg

    FS Kenny Murrell Masterpiece!!!!!!!

    Super nice cue! PM sent.
  4. Joerg

    Spectacular Szambotis

    Hi Kam, Nice to see some new cues in your collection again! Both are spectacular, but I admit that the ebony cue is the most unique Szam I have seen, ever! Thank you for posting the pictures, I really appreciate to have a chance to see these amazing cues. Joerg
  5. Joerg


    Hi John, I don't check AZB too often and it was such a huge pleasant surprise to me to see your post with pictures of my Pegasus theme case completed!! Absolutely love how your team put the individual design elements that we discussed into the overall design. I wanted something very unique...
  6. Joerg

    >$<¢>$<¢>$< Cousins Cue >$<¢>$<¢>$<

    I'll take the cue provided you can ship it to me in Germany (I cover the cost of course).
  7. Joerg

    Brand New Andy Gilbert!!

    Wtb your Andy Gilbert.. sent, please let me know, thanks! Joerg
  8. Joerg

    FS**New South West Cues Joint Protectors**

    OK I understand. Super nice JP's though, sorry to miss them. They will make someone else happy I am sure! Joerg
  9. Joerg

    FS**New South West Cues Joint Protectors**

    I take them! Hi, I will buy sent! :thumbup: Joerg
  10. Joerg

    F/S southwest style omen ebony and amboyna burl

    I will take it for the cash price you offered, sent you a PM as well. Thanks! Joerg
  11. Joerg

    Mosconi Cup Updates

    Close to perfection Nice focused play by SVB. He should get this match... Still, go Europe :-)
  12. Joerg

    Paul Dayton/Sandra Brady "Catitude"

    Wow, totally dig that cue and I normally don't like coloured artwork on cues at all. One of the few where I have to say it is done spot on and goes perfect with the choice of woods. Amazing cue, thanks for sharing! I like Paul's cues, have a wild wood cue with snakewood from him ;)
  13. Joerg

    Have you ever seen a Schon Juwel cue?

    Not an expert and I am not sure if I am right on this, but there was someone in Germany who bought plain Schon cues and did inlay work on them. I think the name Jewel was used because some of the cues were done with precious metals or gemstone inlays. I guess the Jewel logo is an inlay over the...
  14. Joerg

    "The Baron"

    I love it, really cool design! Thanks for posting... Could you pm me about price how much something like this would cost new? Thanks Joerg
  15. Joerg

    Please Help!!! Looking for value of a McDaniels with Ivory I picked up

    Nice thing about having a little cue collection is to compare and evaluate cues on their quality rather than market value. Based on that I bought my McDaniel to cheap when I bought it, it can compete with any cue I own in beauty, quality and playability. Not selling it :-) Good luck with the...
  16. Joerg

    Some special Joss cues....

    The lower one is a one of kind cue, the one above says "Joss Limited" on the collars and I have never seen another one remotely like it, but I am not sure if it is a one off cue or maybe more than one were made. Joerg
  17. Joerg

    Some special Joss cues....

    Here are 2 rather unusual Joss cues that I own...sorry for the low picture quality. Waiting for a better light setup before I take new photos of my cues. Saw some very cool Joss cue in the "Box Cue" thread here in the Gallery as well and thought I should post these :-) Best Joerg
  18. Joerg

    WTB: Madden (Under $800)

    Can't go wrong with the Madden cues and Tommie as a seller. I got mine from Tommie sent to Germany and absolutely love it. :thumbup: Joerg
  19. Joerg

    Just Finished, my twist with Amboyna burl

    Wow, that cue is totally amazing! Super nice EVERYTHING :ok: Outstanding work, thanks for posting the pictures! Joerg
  20. Joerg

    Mr Hatch, I saw that one coming

    I was there on every day and totally loved it. Absolutely agree with what "Fatboy" wrote. It was amazing and everyone can be proud of the performance of the US team. The players managed to keep it professional in every asepct and won the respect of everyone watching, including "us" fans from...