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    db Cues and Falcon Cues team up

    Re Falcon Cues None of my business but they used to be made in Mississauga Ontario Canada back in the 90s and I know this because I was one of their dealers in Ontario There was a problem with ferrules and tips on the Predator line witch was finished by Falcon in Mississauga after they closed...
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    US Open stream...............
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    US Open stream...............
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    Pool Tourny in St. Catherines Ontario

    Pool Tourny in St. Catherines Ontario...
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    Wtb McDermott D series cue

    Take a look at McDermott D24 Hello, look at xxx cues at this link and let me know, text at (905) 401-5755 if interested:wink: Good fortune
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    Betting Odds on Four Men Left Standing

    Outright Order by: Outright - 2017 US Open 9 Ball - Outright Show All Today 12:45 EDT 8/11 Jayson Shaw 7/2 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz 5/1 Chang Jung Lin 7/1 Eklent Kaci
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    Who do you think has the best ppol stance ?

    Stance By far one of the best, rather see Her all day long:smile::smile::smile:
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    Anyone from South America Or Germany

    Spanish language I would like to tell you that spanish in south america is best spoken in Peru and Colombia as the 2 best and there is a slight different from the others spanish countries. The book you need translated has about how many pages ? what is your time frame ? Thanks and good luck
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    Peter Vitalie pool table

    Very well said, second to none
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    Anyone ever build a stand for their cue case

    Tripode (golf bag) I used on my Instroke case 3 and 7 a tripod from a golf bag (2 legs) it has a bottom rest and on the top I had reversed the clip that would had attached to the bag. It has two adjustable straps to secure the case to tripod. As you put the case down the legs open each side...
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    Conditioning Tips
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    Conditioning Tips

    The UTT is the best so far The UTT is the best so farFor personal experience and also bc have been told by many tournament players in the ranks of semi-pros and amateur. The price is right and has refills for the abrasives, the mushroom effect is taken out w/o causing any harm and it has an...
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    where are the weekly tournaments nowadays near Toronto?

    Tournys at Shotters Tournys at Shotters in Scarborough To., also check with for more info.....good luck
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    Best value cue and shaft for intermediate and advanced player

    Good choice with Joss Good choice with Joss, for the money
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    Best value cue and shaft for intermediate and advanced player

    Sold cues for aprox 20 years and best value for the money was a Joss cue, your option later on is to upgrade your shaft to many good ones such as predator, ob, mezz, etc. etc.. Found the balance to be good and also the ss joint......the 5/16 X 14 tread is very popular as reliable and solid hit...
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    Need a cuemaker in ontario

    DON BROO in Burl- Mississauga, Ontario DON BROO in Burl- Mississauga, Ontario 416- 990-9505 Don is a good cue maker too and has a good list of clients
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    Need a cuemaker in ontario

    Maybe you want the guy Justin Leyland, I heard that he is very good and perhaps suggest to leave that shaft like it is and instead have a shaft made like you want. Reason being that to reduce circumference would leave a very fragile ferrule. Good luck .....PS. Justin is the posting bellow yours.
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    Falcon cues are also 5/16x14 as Joss Falcon cues are also 5/16x14 as Joss and priced similar
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    Kuwait Tournament?

    One link too
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    Wpa contract

    this is a treat