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  1. stuckintampa

    Archer vs. Morris

    the bracket was set up like it was going to be a double elimination...but I'm blind from here without a stream. I'll keep checking back. If it truly is over, I'm glad Johnny won!
  2. stuckintampa

    Archer vs. Morris

    Does anybody know how the final match at the Turning Stone is going? It started at 6:45 EST and that's when I start work and can't stream here. All updates appreciated...thanks! Heather
  3. stuckintampa

    Dennis Hatch - Johnny Archer on TV table at Turning Stone at 8:00

    Thanks PoolBum! I'd love to see that! :wink:
  4. stuckintampa

    Dennis Hatch - Johnny Archer on TV table at Turning Stone at 8:00

    I'm at work and can't see any live streams here :( Any updates as the match progresses would be appreciated...thanks in advance!
  5. stuckintampa

    Azer's You met?

    Last night in Tampa I got an invite yesterday from Beware_of_Dawg to join his league. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him and one of the other league members last night. I didn't take any pictures...sorry. I have never played on a league before or competitively in any way. So we met up...
  6. stuckintampa

    looking for things to do around Tampa, Orlando, Zephyrhills

    ...of course the pool hall I prefer in the area is Stroker's Palm Harbor. They have in-house tournaments on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 pm until around 11. The staff there is extremely friendly! I was fortunate to meet both house pros...Tony Crosby and Stephanie Mitchell. I recommended...
  7. stuckintampa

    What Second hand smoke symtoms do you experience?

    Geno, I suffered through 17 years of direct second hand smoke at the hands of my father...and it left me with horrible asthma. Any time I go to a pool hall where smoking is allowed and spend more than an hour there I wheeze for days. I have to go straight home and wash my hair and clothes. Of...
  8. stuckintampa

    Look at the table I found on Craig's list in the Tampa area

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I am still in the market for a table, but probably not for another 6 months or so.
  9. stuckintampa

    Putnam and Bryant no-show World Championship

    And me. A fan and a friend. Friends stand by you through thick and thin, I hope they know that.
  10. stuckintampa

    Look at the table I found on Craig's list in the Tampa area This guy claims to have a table used in 22 PBT tournaments in which the 4 winners crowned on it were Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Efren Reyes and Earl Strickland. He says he has a “Certificate of Provence” requested from the commissioner of...
  11. stuckintampa

    tampa kill me! They were having a special on break and runs that week!!
  12. stuckintampa

    The funniest excuse you ever heard from poolplayer when they lost

    the worst part about this one...Earl actually won that'm still laughing. I'd love to have this on hand so when I'm down and need a laugh I could watch it over and over again!
  13. stuckintampa

    Alleged padding of B&R's in the UPL tourney?? WTF?

    As soon as I saw your post I knew exactly which two players you were talking about. Extra break and runs not only adds to your points, but subtracts games you played in when you are dividing your points by number of games played to get your average. It gives a HUGE advantage! If they really did...
  14. stuckintampa

    Mizerak 10 Ball Brackets Update?

    if there is anyone out there who can update me on who's been winning/losing today. I am at work and can't get onto the live stream. I would really appreciate it...thanks!! :)
  15. stuckintampa

    Mizerak 10 Ball Brackets Update?

    am I missing something? the brackets look the same to me as they have all day.
  16. stuckintampa

    Breakroom and Stokers in Tampa

    Oh, it can only be a 9 footer. I found one advertised locally for Olhausen 9 footer with accufast cushions and simonis cloth for 1K obo. Next I have to find the perfect house and lastly get the money my ex owes me and I will be all set. It can't happen fast enough.
  17. stuckintampa

    Breakroom and Stokers in Tampa

    within the year I plan to have the table parked in the living room. I just have to find a house to rent big enough to have one. It's really sad when your one prerequisite for selecting a house is if it has enough room for a pool table ;)
  18. stuckintampa

    Breakroom and Stokers in Tampa

    I guess Tampa isn't that bad if you like to be hot, like to drive in busy traffic with a bunch of idiots and know how to speak But really, it's not all that bad. If it were my choice to live here it would be different, but when you are forced to stay somewhere when "home" is...
  19. stuckintampa

    Can someone keep us updated on shane/donny?

    really appreciate the updates. I live right down the road, but I'm at work and can't be there or get the PPV. thanks everyone!
  20. stuckintampa

    The Viking Cue at The Green Room, Jackson, MS--1 Pocket Tournament

    Now streaming live...the one pocket tournament enjoy...I am!