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  1. jbravo2984

    LTB Bender Type 3/8-14 joint pin or lathe driver pin for lathe & joint adapter 3/8-14 to UniLoc Quick Release

    Looking for 2 things... 1. A 3/8x14 joint pin that would fit any Omega/DPK, Bender or Esoteric Cues 2. Curious if anyone out there can make me a 3/8x14 (female) to Uni-Loc quick release (male) joint adapter. NOTE: I believe the OD of the 3/8x14 joint pin is different than the production cues of...
  2. jbravo2984

    Esoteric Cues

    Any for sale out there? I saw one recently posted, but looking for options.
  3. jbravo2984

    Steve Klapp Butterfly Cues!!!!!!! show em!!

    Yeah they're called Klapp custom cues.
  4. jbravo2984

    Cuemaker wont ship my cue

    You know, I personally have been away from the game for close to four years now. But I do occasionally get on here and check out what's going on. When I do, I can't help but search for "klapp" in the forum threads. I knew it was only a matter of time before I started to see things like this pop...
  5. jbravo2984

    Steve piece butt ancient maple cue. AWESOME

    I'd like to say that I'm shocked here. I figured it was only going to be a matter of time before people stopped feeling bad for him and his sob stories and started outing him for his shoddy work...
  6. jbravo2984

    LTF 3/8x10 piloted

    Sure you can! Bore our the shaft, use a phenolic plug that sticks out a half inch from the bottom of the shaft, tap the plug and modify the extension accordingly...
  7. jbravo2984

    WTB Jerry Brock Sneaky

    There's one on ebay right now...
  8. jbravo2984

    F/S: Rare find Omega DPK Cue

    Esoteric cut the blanks to final size, installed their 3/8-14 chrome plated brass pin, installed the wrap, rubber bumper, cut the wrap grove, and built the shafts with the same parabolic taper as omega did when they were located in wauconda illinois. They also finished the cue with automotive...
  9. jbravo2984

    Trade Cue

    Can I get some props?
  10. jbravo2984

    Trade Cue

    Don't think so. Coker just uses standard 3/8 x 10 big pins...
  11. jbravo2984

    Trade Cue

    If it is, I'd say its a mordt...
  12. jbravo2984

    Trade Cue

    Benders name hasn't always gone on the pin... What kind of pin is it? Take a better pic of the pin, if it is a 3/8x14 pin, there are only so many people who could've made it...
  13. jbravo2984

    Bank Pool Tournament (May 11th, 2013) @ Red Shoes Billiards (Illinois)

    Alright alright I'm up... I'll be there in a little bit...
  14. jbravo2984

    Real Bushka?

    Lol :) "not a bushka"... As the bids start racking up in hopes to steal the "not-a-bushka" ...
  15. jbravo2984

    %%%%% ft: Great playing widow %%%%%

    Emailed you a question...
  16. jbravo2984

    Steve piece butt ancient maple cue. AWESOME

    ................. Meant for this to be a pm to cue man...
  17. jbravo2984

    Wrapless diveney

    This isn't that big of a deal... To get them to line up is just a matter of re-facing the shaft by a hair on a lathe...