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  1. 08Alaska800

    @@@@@fs cohen bumperless hoppe #2 @@@@@

    Just got my first Cohen and I'm happy to say it is one of the best playing cues I've ever picked up. Very impressed with Eddie's work.
  2. 08Alaska800

    @@@@@fs cohen bumperless hoppe #2 @@@@@

    Great looking cue. GLWS
  3. 08Alaska800

    Cohen Cue made for Special Occasion

    You nailed it. Very nice.
  4. 08Alaska800

    Southwest Pernambuco Cue

    Very nice.
  5. 08Alaska800

    Is there a wood somewhere that... Here is a link to a beautiful Kamphi Rosewood cue of Eric's.
  6. 08Alaska800

    Santa Sugar Tree delivered just in time for Christmas!

    I have the twin to the 8 pointer except the joint on mine is brown instead of white. Very nice looking cues.
  7. 08Alaska800

    Connelly Conquistador

    It's possible. Not to mention I had to do a lot of bracing in the crawl space underneath the table because there is no main structural beam running below the table. Just walking around the table before I braced it you could see the balls wiggling.
  8. 08Alaska800

    Connelly Conquistador

    The biggest difference I've noticed from my Connelly and a Diamond table is I can't draw the ball as far as I can on a Diamond. I put new Simonis and Brunswick Super speed rubber on it when I got it. I'm not sure if this is the table or the set of balls that came with my table? Everything...
  9. 08Alaska800

    Some Brown Sugar

    Very nice. What are the types of wood Eric used in this one?
  10. 08Alaska800

    My new to me Sugartree

    Beautiful cue. Congrats.
  11. 08Alaska800

    FS @@@@ Jerry R @@@@

  12. 08Alaska800

    FS @@@@ Jerry R @@@@

  13. 08Alaska800

    FS @@@@ Jerry R @@@@

    Beautiful Jerry R Desert Ironwood 4 pointer into Curly Koa wood with 4 veneers. Natural, Mahogany brown, Teal blue and Black. Specs: Butt weighs 15.3oz. Shaft 1 is 4.2oz, 12.9MM, with ivory ferrule and triangle tip Shaft 2 is 4.1oz, 12.8MM, with ivory ferrule and triangle tip Balance point is...
  14. 08Alaska800

    Can someone help me find who owns this cue?

    PM snowmon. He might know?
  15. 08Alaska800

    Guess the maker.

  16. 08Alaska800

    Favorite Cuemaker (ONLY ONE!)

    Another vote for Sugartree.
  17. 08Alaska800

    paul mottey cue wanted

    Mottey You might ask Joe if he would still sale this one?
  18. 08Alaska800

    ***Let's see your Jeff Olney cues***

    Don't you have another one to show us Lenox?
  19. 08Alaska800

    new to me Mcdaniel "tuxedo"

    Beautiful cue. Congrats.