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  1. u12armresl

    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    He was acting like this only a few months ago. How often do we reset for new chances?
  2. u12armresl

    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    While I enjoy what he says sometimes, I can't help but think about all that shady BS with Dippy, the truck (Yukon, whatever it was) at the DCC, and Scott's overall poor attitude towards fellow competitors. Anyone else think about that.
  3. u12armresl

    Finally found a copy of Rags to Rifleman

    I did some research and found a company who would take the book apart, scan it and make the text bigger + provide in ebook form, but I do not know the legalities and didn't want to fun afoul. Can't imagine with normal print how many pages that book would be 2000?
  4. u12armresl

    Are there any books about the "Life" in a pool room or about one of the great "Action" pool Rooms?

    I was there on work for a few weeks, and went in TBP. Told them my speed and they put me on the Walden's. Rotten, rotten.
  5. u12armresl

    Tournament Payouts and Calcutta Payouts- Question

    What level of players are we talking about? Is this a fun APA bunch, a die hard "we play to win money" bunch?
  6. u12armresl

    Another big $1,000 entry 600 and under tournament...

    Do you know how much sides were? I'm guessing with entry and calcutta/sides he was in for $2100 to $2200?
  7. u12armresl

    Another big $1,000 entry 600 and under tournament...

    How much was 9-12 in for to win the 7k?
  8. u12armresl

    If I were to study Trick Shot in Pool/Billiard what Books / Materials should I add to my library??

    Dr Cue's protege is in Eville and he could probably talk to Tom for you.
  9. u12armresl

    “I beat myself…”

    I was just happy to win my first and only state title.
  10. u12armresl

    “I beat myself…”

    Not pool, but was shooting for the finals in a state dart tournament. I end up winning, start tearing up, hugging friends, etc. and the person I played said "if there wasn't so long of a wait between matches, I'd have beaten you." I hear that excuse a lot in pool and other sports...
  11. u12armresl

    Best One-Pocket Players

    The "pure shooters" of today would find it really tough when you are either "on the brunswick" or froze to the stack every single shot. Old school players have you stuck all the time and you can't run 8 or 10 from there.
  12. u12armresl

    First DigiBalls are in

    Availability is expected by the end of 2024. Patent# 11731007.
  13. u12armresl

    First DigiBalls are in

    Sooooo happy for ya man. Congrats on doing something that you want to do and seeing it through.
  14. u12armresl

    Good for the real HER…..

    In darts only Fallon Sherrock gives it a go against the guys and does pretty well, but she's not winning any ranking events with men.
  15. u12armresl

    The Art of One Pocket

    Just buy the book. I can't believe all the people wanting free copies because they don't play the game or want to get better. It's a small price to pay and you wont get rid of a book like that.
  16. u12armresl

    SVB-Busti....'Kick Safe'

    "I think kick safe is the future of pool" Que that music from Price is Right where the mountain climber guy falls over the cliff because you bid too much.
  17. u12armresl

    Pool is pool, not tennis

    This set of small races makes you want to read off scores in McEnroe's voice. Filler d. Fedor Gorst 1-4, 4-1, 4-1 Filler defeats Gorst 1-4 4-1 4-1 in 3 sets.
  18. u12armresl

    APA 2023 US Open Amateur Championship

    In addition to advancing to a pro event, each Champion will receive a magnificent trophy and event duffel bag. Both Champions receive a one year free APA membership and are invited to return to the Championship Round the following year to defend their titles. Returning Champions also receive...
  19. u12armresl

    Diamond tables add in top banner

    Sounds like you're a joy at parties.
  20. u12armresl

    Battle of the Bull Roanoke VA Drama

    My money is on he is a banned poster. So a person comes in to the forum in 2023 for a few months and has all this pool knowledge, but wasn't ever a member of the most popular website for pool on Earth?