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    New King's Case Arrived Today!

    Very nice brother! ENJOY!!! Beautiful case…
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    black joint protectors

    Sent you a PM... I'll take them
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    DCC pickup

    Beautiful cue... That Jim must be a REALLY nice guy!!! LOL... Nice cue for a GREAT guy...
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    My New Espiritu

    Beautiful Jacob, your cue came out very nice-it's beautiful... Enjoy.....
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    Davis blank question

    Tim Prince for sure-cant go wrong!!!
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    2013 WCCS. Saturday, October 5th.

    Windy City Chris, Another great show! Thanks for the hospitality and a great time......
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    Nite and weekend project

    Very Nice! Very nice ORIGINAL work! Definitely an out of the box design and fit and finish looks surperb!!! Keep up the nice work buddy...... Jim
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    Davis blanked cue for trade.

    Davis Best of Luck! Jim
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    Engraved sectioned handle cues (detailed pics)

    Cues Beautiful cues my friend! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
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    Joel Hercek Raffle Choose Between 2

    Cue I'll take 27 please! Thanks, Jim
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    FS: Gorgeous Ed Prewitt (Chicago Area)

    Cue Nice cue Steve! Good luck w/ your sale.......
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    FS: AE Cue -Tons of Ivory(Chicago Area)

    Cue Steve, God luck w/ your sale....... Beautiful cue!
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    My new Sea Cue

    Cues Chris, Thanks for the kind words! The last few years has been tough w/ the loss of my wife (42 yrs old - CANCER SUCKS) and things got put on the back burner. Unfortunately, I know you can relate all to well... Now getting back to where i need to be pursuing my true passion. Thanks and...
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    My new Sea Cue

    Cues Thanks for the kind words gents! More to come soon!!!
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    A new type of case.

    Case Bump for a honest guy and super great case!!!
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    A new type of case.

    Case Bump for a tank of a case!!! SWEET!!!
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    Awesome Dennis Searing Cue For Raffle !!!

    "s" I'll take 27 & 36........ Thanks, Jim
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    Abe Rich Cues?

    Abe Rich Did Abe ever sign any/many of his cues or is this something that is not real common? Thanks
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    WTB-Shaft Machine

    Shaft Machine Thanks gents! Gold Rush was who I was looking for......... Thanks so much for the help........ Jim
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    WTB-Shaft Machine

    Recently an AZ member listed a cnc table saw mounted shaft machine for sell. I'm interested, but have lost his contact info. I tried a search w/ no luck. I believe he was out of N. Cali and the machine was in Idaho. Any help would be appreciated...... Thanks, Jim