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  1. Lesh

    Carlo Biado's stroke

    Until recently, I've always lined up my shots to the right, with the right eye over the cue. Now I just center my nose over the stick. In doing so, I have noticed that my natural stroke is crooked from right to left as it travels. I didn't panic, I felt calmer and wiser. More confidence in my...
  2. Lesh

    Key to playing better pool

    ...and here I thougth I would have to post some canticle about this stuff.... nicely said. Lesh Complicit and Clueless
  3. Lesh

    The Worst of everything

    Subjectivity is the spice of life. I dont care for house cues as jump sticks I dont like most house cues as break sticks... I dont like the Tiger tips from a few years ago, the glue that holds the layers together becomes part of the equation more-so than with other layered tips. I have no...
  4. Lesh

    Brunswick GC 1--thoughts?

    Where did you get the rails for a GC-1? What did you use? Nomenclature would be greatly appreciated. I have a gentleman here in St Petersburg that has a venerable GC-1 and would benefit from knowing where to get the right rubber... Jack Kerouac used to play on it in the 60's. If I can get this...
  5. Lesh

    What's your greatest pool accomplishment?

    I won the all forces pocket billiards championship in Okinawa (pacific theater) in 93. Won some cash, a weekend in Tokyo and a Meucci Gambler cue. Since then I haven't won anything. Lesh
  6. Lesh


    Oh man.... if only. What a great player. The only other person I would equally love just spend an afternoon shooting pool and trading knowledge with would be Dr. Dave. He has an open invitation here anytime. Lesh
  7. Lesh

    If you think you are having a bad pool day, read this

    I am going to the hall today and I am going to read excerpts aloud in the voice of Jimmy Mattaya to my friends as I gesticulate in a Brooklyn manner. Should be instructive. Best wishes, Lesh
  8. Lesh


    I hardly think so. You strike me as someone that plays balls-out and talks all the while :) People need to come see me in Largo, FL for some One Pocket and Straight Pool. Lesh
  9. Lesh


    Agreed with all postings thus far. But I do like it when people new to the game get all inspired and reach out to share like this person. Practical experience will always out a fault in logic. I am gonna post something too. I just want to settle on something like a primer to one pocket basics or...
  10. Lesh

    Why is this shot not valid?

    Sounds as though its just a very stringent form of "call shot". Every nuance of the balls journey to the pocket must be declared prior to the shot taking place. It was not declared that the cue ball would hit the object ball more than once (or a specified number of times) prior to the...
  11. Lesh

    This rejected shot should count IMO, what say you?

    Spoken like a gentleman. Agreed. Lesh
  12. Lesh

    This rejected shot should count IMO, what say you?

    No no dear fellow.... BCA official rules differ from my off-the-cuff, unfair, arbitrary rules. You know... the right call. LOL There are lots of situations in amateur play that just try my patience and need for justice. Sure, rules are rules, but exceptions can be made. Lesh
  13. Lesh

    This rejected shot should count IMO, what say you?

    Playing in my tournament it counts. BCA rules are different (as I alluded to in my post) - I don't have tournaments in my basement... don't have a basement (Florida). I'm so happy to have given you this opportunity. It was a reach, but you muscled through to grab it. Awesome. Now is where you...
  14. Lesh

    Nickel or dime tip shape? Or is it the tip?

    Tips are confusing. Softer tips will deform and will require maintenance more often than harder tips as a rule. Tip manufacturers started to make tips using layers to combat the aforementioned deformation.... it worked, somewhat. But layered tips still deform and still require maintenance, but...
  15. Lesh

    This rejected shot should count IMO, what say you?

    Yeah it counts. Ive been asked to watch shots and rule on things like this. If the ball "LOOKS" like it hits the bottom of the pocket and then spits back out under any circumstance, then yeah... it counts. I've even had the ball come back out and disturb other balls on the table... I simply...
  16. Lesh

    So, are the old Gandy Big G tables really all that bad?

    Wow.... Well, my home hall has 10 big G - Gandy tables in it. 3 of them are shimmed. No one likes the rails or the pockets. The slate is indeed floating. No pegs. I personally know the guy that purchased these tables brand-new in the early 90's. He bought them purely to save some cash versus...
  17. Lesh

    What would be your choice of car for a Pool Road Trip?

    I like this approach. You gotta have something that will start every time you need it to and gets from point A to B without question. Good fuel economy is common sense, and comfort is subjective matter which will turn out to be the difference between you leaving with two people and returning...
  18. Lesh

    He did what?

    Agreed, I really like the format and the writing. I catch up with it when I see new stuff. Keep up the great work! Lesh
  19. Lesh

    Romero Cue Moving to Sacramento

    We cant really say, but he knows a guy that knows a guy that helped him with a thing in the place where we met that guy from that place where we hid that thing that time. bada-bing-bang-boom Lesh
  20. Lesh

    How much more accurate are the REVO shafts?

    ::: An admiring tip of the fedora ::: Well played, Sir. Well played indeed. Lesh