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  1. RunoutJJ

    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    What a shot on the 8 by Gorst!!!! 😳😳😳
  2. RunoutJJ

    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    Worst $24 I’ve ever spent 🙄
  3. RunoutJJ

    Busty calls out The Pearl!!

    Race to 100 anytime anywhere!! I have no idea what game Busty wants to play because he never said it but I’m assuming 9 ball!! 📸 Watch this video on Facebook Who you like??
  4. RunoutJJ

    'American 14.1'.........................

    I’m not trying to stir the pot and kick up the muck but why didn’t John Schmidt play in this event? Was is invitational or did he just not want to play? AGAIN… I’m not asserting anything I’m just curious because I would to have love to have seen him win this event.
  5. RunoutJJ

    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    I never understood getting air barreled!! If it’s $500 or more post the money!!! Money posted is locked and nobody gets scammed. Well…. I’ve heard some stories of players taking the stack off the light and said tough luck pal 😳😳😳. If you know then you know
  6. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi cup wildcards

    Bucky Souvanthong!!! 👊👊
  7. RunoutJJ

    If you could choose your pool super power

    Superb kicking ability with speed and control. You have that…. You will win almost all of your rotation games
  8. RunoutJJ

    I'm looking for a low deflection wood shaft

    I love my Jacoby LD 😍
  9. RunoutJJ

    My Fargorate progression

    I’m a 480 but Im unestablished because I’m a working man and a single father with two boys. I would like to think I’m around a 600 speed but my lack of playing in Fargo rated events prevents me from an accurate rating. Overall I think Fargo is pretty accurate with the rating of players skill...
  10. RunoutJJ

    Any Reason Not to Use a Brush or a Vac With a Brush Attachment on Cloth?

    I use chalk off spray with a micro fiber brush. Clean as a whistle, fast and easy and removes all chalk and residue 👍
  11. RunoutJJ

    The Rocket 4th straight Shanghai Masters

    The Rocket is a true Legend!!! He will be missed dearly when he finally retires but we are the lucky ones!! We got to see his whole career from the beginning and MAN!! What a legend is all I can say.
  12. RunoutJJ

    Jeremy Jones on The Joe Rogan Experience, Podcast No. 2034

    I really wish he would have Earl on already. I think they would definitely have a colorful time 🤣
  13. RunoutJJ

    I used to be better, but I haven’t played in a while.

    I’m playing the best pool I have ever played in almost 30 years. Must be that I got a home table 4 months ago and I get to play more than two hours a week.🙄 Told all the old timers in my room they’ve never since my top gear. It drew laughs and snickers but I said to them dead in the eyes…. In...
  14. RunoutJJ

    Oscar barking at Karl Boyes

    What does everyone think of this? Oscar is calling out Karl who said he is retired and doesn’t play anymore. Who do you like if they match up?
  15. RunoutJJ

    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    If I were a professional player trying to make a living in this game I would go with the most guaranteed outcome for success and there can only be one. Sounds to me matchroom has the best interest of the players on the whole. I don’t know the whole story but matchroom seems like the better...
  16. RunoutJJ

    7ft Diamond, to stroke or "dink"

    Less cue ball movement the better and on a bar table is a prime example of this. Like said above if you want to hit it firmer but not travel as far drag stun or drag draw shots and very key and essential!! Be more focused on the speed of the table and how the balls reacts off the rails. Then...
  17. RunoutJJ

    Forfeiting out of tournament

    TBH If I was matched up with my son in a tournament match I would make him play me. Even though I have the experience over him I would expect him to treat me as any other player in said tournament. Life lessons can be hard but if it came down to me or him I would want him to rise to the...
  18. RunoutJJ

    Forfeiting out of tournament

    I’ll never forget when Fast Eddie forfeited his match in Atlantic City. Classy move by a classy guy 👍👍
  19. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup questions

    If I was to attend a Cup series in Las Vegas can my kids go to the event? They will be 13 and 12 for the 2024 cup and they really want to go as do I!! Also is the layout by exact seat or just sections? For instance If friends of mine are in the gold seating area and I have gold seating can I...
  20. RunoutJJ

    Daytona Beach

    Looking for some action in Daytona Beach or Palm Coast area. I’ll be there from the 23rd to the 26th. Cheap sets like $50 to $100 9 ball. Any info would be greatly appreciated 👍👍