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  1. warfdiesel

    Who will be ready to play the same game with Shane now?

    Dennis never had a shot in this. I think Shane beats him every time. Chang is the only one I see with a real chance at beating him in a long 10 ball race. 9 ball is a whole different story though.
  2. warfdiesel

    CJ vs Earl bonus match

    Earl doesn’t have a disability. He is just an arrogant a**!! Dude is just a completely rude human being.
  3. warfdiesel

    Sky vs Earl..Score after Day 2?

    Sky isn’t in his prime yet. I think we may see huge things from him soon. However, I agree with most, that Earl in his prime smashes Sky today. And most everyone else.
  4. warfdiesel

    James White 5 pointer!! Ivory Joint!!

    Gone Gone Gone Gone
  5. warfdiesel

    Beautiful Tascarella

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a very nice perfect Tascarella custom cue. Nice rosewood sleeve and points. Nice grain. Full splice cue. Everything white is the good stuff 8 diamonds in sleeve. spear in each point and ebony and i***y spears at tips. A perfectly done perfect smooth leather wrap...
  6. warfdiesel

    Ebony on Ebony SW Style Olney

    Sold sold sold sold
  7. warfdiesel

    Beautiful Joel Hercek

    Sold sold sold sold
  8. warfdiesel

    Want to buy 3X6 Rugged case

    JB rugged butterfly I've got a 3x6 Rugged butterfly case. It's gray in color. Not new but still a fine case. Does show some signs of wear.
  9. warfdiesel

    **** 5 point Andy Gilbert ****

    **** 5 point Wrapless Andy Gilbert **** 59 inch Andy Gilbert 5 pointer I***y 5/16x14 joint Burl handle I***y Hoppe ring Boxes in the butt sleeve 2 full shafts Weighs right at 19.3 oz with either shaft. (trying to find my scale) Rolls straight. Not mint but very nice. Has a few spots where the...
  10. warfdiesel

    South West $4500 very nice cue

    He has 347 positive feedbacks with no pictures. Move on if you don’t like it. Everyone knows Deanoc is one of the best.
  11. warfdiesel

    ***Two Brand New Andy Gilberts***

    sold sold sold
  12. warfdiesel

    ****ebony richard harris****

    Sold sold sold sold
  13. warfdiesel

    Cheap Jacoby Custom

    Lower end custom Jacoby cue. One piece maple butt stained gray. Friend of mine had it made in Oct 2017. Butt is straight and mint. Shaft is straight and just a little dirty. Plays good. Almost new Kamui Clear Soft tip. Butt weighs 14.4 oz Shaft is 12.74mm @ 3.9 oz Radial Pin Price is 300 shipped
  14. warfdiesel

    Brand New BK3 FS/FT

    Sold sold sold sold
  15. warfdiesel

    2x4 Castillo Case FT

    Nice 2x4 Castillo nylon case. Bought at derby and love the case, but would like a nice leather case. Looking to trade this case and up to $300 cash. Let me know what you might have.
  16. warfdiesel

    DCC master of table

    Alex beats him I think.
  17. warfdiesel

    SVB cheating? Shaw/SVB Derby 9 Ball

    I wish that Shane would have just smashed the rack when Shaw was leaning over them.
  18. warfdiesel

    SVB cheating? Shaw/SVB Derby 9 Ball

    You would be correct.
  19. warfdiesel

    Whitten 2x4 FS/FT

    Nice older Whitten 2x4. Has a few marks here and there but in nice shape. Like the case but would prefer something butterfly. Would love a JB rugged butterfly or would consider anything else. Cash price would be $250 plus shipping but I couldn’t ship until Wednesday when I get back from Derby...
  20. warfdiesel

    Chalking with the bridge hand

    I do the same damn thing!