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    Common SIDESPIN MYTHS Debunked

    Thanks for another great video!
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    Are there any 7ft tables to consider besides a diamond

    I had a Valley upgraded with Penguin rails (smaller pockets) and Championship cloth and it played pretty darn good. Only reason I got rid of it was to get a 9 ft table.
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    Sold J Flowers 20-21 radial pin butt with Tiger Fortis 12.5 MM shaft

    Shaft tip diameter is 12.5 mm. Thanks and I edited my post.
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    Sold J Flowers 20-21 radial pin butt with Tiger Fortis 12.5 MM shaft

    Both butt and shaft are almost brand new with little use. To me a great combination, but after trying it, I have decided to stick to small diameter shaft. You will see joint diameter of shaft is a little larger that joint diameter of butt. I didn't notice when shooting with the combination...
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    Same for me.
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    If not sold, I will buy the Zan Hybrid max tips. Just need your PayPal address and I will pay as soon as I get it. If already sold, greatly appreciate it if you get anymore to sell.
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    Watching mosconi cup in the USA

    I also subscribe to the annual subscription. Besides watching pool, I also like watching snooker and DAZN seems like a good way to watch a lot of it. Definitely not cheap, but worth it for me.
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    Sold Mezz Deep Impact 2 break shaft

    I will buy the break shaft at your asking price, as long as you accept PayPal (Goods and Serives). If so, and not sold, please provide me your PayPal address. Thanks
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    Long vs. short posts............

    If a long post is properly formatted (not one long paragraph) and it has my interest, I will read them. Conversely, if it is a short post, but about something weird or BS, seems to be a couple of those type posters, I just ignore it.
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    Sold Mezz Ace 185 with Mezz Ignite shaft (30in), extensions, and weight kit

    I have a Mezz Ace 185 that comes with Mezz Ignite 12.2 CF shaft. Also included are 3 extensions (2", 3" and 8"). 3" and 8" can be combined together, but not with the 2". Although not in pictures, I have a Mezz weight bolt kit that is supposed to be here tomorrow and will include that...
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Navy 1972-1996
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    Sold Sold Pending Payment. For Sale = Klein (?)

    I bought this cue on here a while back as a Klein. However, it doesn't have a signature. I researched pictures here and else where and believe it is a Klein, but since I can't prove it I am going to price it as a well made cue by unknown maker. A while after I bought the cue, I sold it...
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    No longer needed.

    No longer needed.
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    Sold Sold Pending Payment = J Flowers S.M.O. shaft for sale.

    I have a lightly used J Flowers S.M.O. shaft for sale. Specs are: Weight: Approximately 3.3 oz or approximately 3.4 oz with included weight inserted. Length: Approximately 29 in Tip = Taom Fusion Joint = radial Diameter = approximately 12.5mm Condition = extremely good. Although I don't see...
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    Jason Shaw to play in a snooker tournament

    If I understand question correctly, Jason will be in week 8, which starts next week.
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    Jason Shaw to play in a snooker tournament

    I have been watching it live on YouTube - I searched Snooker Legends 900. Nice thing is that it starts pretty late in England, so it is on around 7PM CDT.
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    Jason Shaw to play in a snooker tournament

    If this subject has already been posted, please delete. I was watching "The 900 Snooker Legend" tournament tonight and saw that Jason Shaw would be playing next week. Speculation is that he is going to be using his pool cue. Should be interesting.
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    Sold For Sale : McDermott Vanquish Mach 1 Break Cue

    Thank you. I know better.