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  1. Captain K.

    Sold Bob Owen Cues

  2. Captain K.

    Cue maker

    I thought an earlier Mike Cochran, but never found one with that logo, still a mystery. Thanks
  3. Captain K.

    Cue maker

    Any body know this cuemaker Thank you
  4. Captain K.

    Cue maker

    ID cue maker thank you
  5. Captain K.

    Cue maker

    ID cue maker thank you
  6. Captain K.

    Predator 314 Cat Uniloc $sold

    I will take it
  7. Captain K.

    SOLD! OB-1 Shaft 3/8x10 SOLD!

    OB shaft I will take it,
  8. Captain K.

    FS: Leon sly 4 point Hoppe cue.

    Good lookin cue
  9. Captain K.

    Hippie Dave??

    Yep, Gary plays regularly at JR Pockets in Denton, he is still a marvel to watch when a player thinks he has put him in a locked up safety. Watched him many times run multiple racks in 8,9,10, break and out in one hole, even a 100 no count. Good teacher, will even give praise to a player that...
  10. Captain K.

    My Tony Zinzola Story

    I have not posted in a while, but do own 9 Zinzolas, a few from Tony and the rest here on AZ. #s 14, 38, 65, 69, 70, 77 (first gambler cue), 86, 98 and 112. On my lastest one, was contacted by Tony on Feb. 14th 2011, about his 2012 batch. emails back in forth ,sent payment on May 20th , 2011...
  11. Captain K.

    $1,000 added Omega Billiards Tour April 27-28, JR Pockets Denton TX

    Awesome event Thank you to Melinda, Brian and the Omega tour. A very well run event, strong tough matches going on all through both days. I had a blast getting to see so many friends, made it very hard to root for any-one player. Thank you to Nona, Richard and the JR Pockets staff. Kennan
  12. Captain K.

    looking for Vortex cuetec shaft 13mm

    Howdy yall, looking for Vortex cuetec shaft 13mm Thanks Kennan
  13. Captain K.

    Decent Pool Rooms in Dallas

    The Clicks were sold and now called CKs billiards.
  14. Captain K.

    Sometimes I really hate 8 Ball

    I play that game, it is called "I WIN" (:
  15. Captain K.

    Where is Tony Zinzola??

    Here is a Zinzola gambler that I have
  16. Captain K.

    cue companion for sale

    What you have is the older package, now all three packages come with the larger reverse switch motor.
  17. Captain K.

    They say Dechaine Dumped, come defend yourself.

    No dump, just a strong win, for Mr. Strickland. Another one is playing for the "rocking chair", cause if you win you sit back and wait.
  18. Captain K.


    Have owned this model "crockpot" for 11 years, I use it by-monthly at the local pool hall, 12 tables, arimith premium balls, Change the pad once a year, that is 288 cleanings per pad for the past 11 years. a work horse. Kennan