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  1. Kentucky Rack Man

    Sold Hal Mix's Pocket Billiard Secrets MINT

    Sorry, will send payment shortly.
  2. Kentucky Rack Man

    Sold Hal Mix's Pocket Billiard Secrets MINT

    I will take one if there are any left. Send payment info
  3. Kentucky Rack Man

    Which major tournament would you choose if you could only attend one per year?

    I have attended the Derby from days of the Executive as I live only 2 hours away which makes it more desirable for me. Just went to my first US Open Atlantic City. I have to agree with Stu and his remarks with these two. Hope to go to others in next few years and then re-activate this thread.
  4. Kentucky Rack Man

    Southwest Cue order wait is over

    Congrats !
  5. Kentucky Rack Man

    The Art of One Pocket

    Bought One Myself a couple days ago.
  6. Kentucky Rack Man

    Sold SOUTHWEST...2012

    Shoot me more pics. 606-782-4568. More details. Player, both shafts been in use, etc.
  7. Kentucky Rack Man

    Another one of those posts that make you cringe but here goes: idea for game variation

    I ran a pool hall back in late 70’s and this was the game I played with all newbies and you could quickly identify the potential and if they hung around it was very educational.
  8. Kentucky Rack Man

    Shimming A Diamond

    I do agree with a noticeable “dead” cushion with facings. My best game is 9 Ball. I shimmed pockets with and objective ball pocketing. Cue Ball Control and Ball Pocketing for me are CRITICAL. Always had a problem with too much offense and no defense. As an aging competitor I try to improve...
  9. Kentucky Rack Man

    Shimming A Diamond

    I do not know the actual measurements. They offered two and I chose the thicker. Rough estimate is 1/4. I am sure you can call Diamond and get exact specs.
  10. Kentucky Rack Man

    Shimming A Diamond

    I bought shims from Diamond and put them on the TV table that I purchased at the Derby. The pockets measure a little heavier than 3 7/8. I notice a thud around the points and or jaws and does influence banking on tight shots. My ball pocketing has improved and actually my game. I think the...
  11. Kentucky Rack Man

    US Open 9-Ball--Bucket List?

    Hav enjoyed reading and hearing everyone’s views. As an entrepreneur and business owner and my paycheck depending on results, it is simple. Matchroom must have dollars whether it is dead money or Pro Money. I am anxious to support any company with a vision to try and grow pool to the next...
  12. Kentucky Rack Man

    US Open 9-Ball--Bucket List?

    I got the opportunity and went for it this year. When I was younger I snapped off several area and regional tourneys in the late 70’s and 80’s. Past year I got to 6 th round at Derby. At 63 years young I play on 3 7/8 pockets at home. Can I win a major, NO, Can I get HOT and WIN. YES. I...
  13. Kentucky Rack Man

    My latest custom cue and first Nitti, Dark Knight

    Very Sweet Cue. I favor the Nitti too.
  14. Kentucky Rack Man

    The Fears of a Pool Player

    F E A R !!! False Expectation Appearing Real. Or Not. You Decide
  15. Kentucky Rack Man

    Kentucky Rack Man US Open Summary

    You got that RIGHT Guy !!!!!
  16. Kentucky Rack Man

    Kentucky Rack Man US Open Summary

    Matchroom is attempting to raise the bar on Nine Ball Pool. I have attended the Derby City Classic for over 20 years and the image here is above and beyond my expectations. Emily runs around with the big ole smile and welcomes all who wish to stop and chat. The matches were running a bit...
  17. Kentucky Rack Man

    Pics with the Pro's

    Derby City
  18. Kentucky Rack Man

    US Open Bound

    OMG, I love it. My career for the past 37 years has been hardwood pallets. I work with logs, timber, etc. on a daily basis. What a coincidence. Might be a sign. Lol
  19. Kentucky Rack Man

    US Open Bound

    Ok AZ’ers. I play Mika at 10 am on Monday and got my wish. My goal is to not get white washed and enjoy the moment. Will advise if upset happens lol 😜 oh wait, I won’t have to advise if upset happens. It will be known. 😂😂
  20. Kentucky Rack Man

    Pool Education Memory

    Thanks, I am what they call dead money but, I am gonna swing. Lol