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  1. Tin Man

    Oscar vs Chris Reinhold

    Thanks for the reply Matt! Well said! Agree with all of this. You get it and said it right. They were at the bottom half of their performance range. You weren't criticizing, just reporting. I think that most people have really warped ideas of how people play from watching highlight reels...
  2. Tin Man

    Oscar vs Chris Reinhold

    Matt has made three posts in this thread about the relatively low quality of play. But everything is relative. Poorly compared to what? Compared to elite international players at the peak of their game (this seemed to be the comparison in his first post)? Compared to Chris/Oscar on their...
  3. Tin Man

    What do you think the best shotmakers have in common?

    It's a blend of all of this and more and we'll never know for sure how much weight to each. You can add a few things to this list. One is style. When someone starts out playing they have a vision of what they think top pool should look like and strengths that they build their game around...
  4. Tin Man


    Input = output. You can get more out of your game if you put more in than you put in up until that point. Not just more of the same. But if you can do a number of things you haven't done in the past then you can get more out of your game. More sparring against better players. Bigger...
  5. Tin Man

    “I beat myself…”

    I like it when an opponent makes an error near the finish of a rack or match and says "I was supposed to win that game/set". If it's someone I don't know I say nothing, but when it's a friend or student I'll push back a little bit. I'll say "So you were supposed to win because you weren't...
  6. Tin Man

    Which major tournament would you choose if you could only attend one per year?

    I think this post is a bullseye. Not a surprise. Nice write up Stu. 👍
  7. Tin Man

    Acceptable Times to Take a Restroom Break During a Tournament Match

    In a mainstream tournament breaks are allowed on your break before you break. In most environments I think it’s ok to take a break as long as it’s your inning, usually at the beginning of an inning. But not everyone follows etiquette so you have to be prepared for all kinds of crap...
  8. Tin Man

    Turning Stone - roommate/car pool for Tin Man

    Hey guys! I am going to Turning Stone this January but it was harder than ever to get in (had to make it through the wait list) and as a result my normal road partners weren't able to join me. I'll go solo if I have to, but man, it is a burden to not have someone to split some of the expenses...
  9. Tin Man

    Best One-Pocket Players

    Hey Stu! I got through the wait list at Turning Stone so I'll see you around the corner! We're not far apart on this but there is a little gap. That's ok. We all see things a bit differently. I certainly agree that Chohan, for example, can get there at any time with anyone. He demonstrated...
  10. Tin Man

    Best One-Pocket Players

    These lists seem to really weight a blend of nostalgia and reputation. My opinion will be fairly unpopular but the truth hurts. The truth is that since the internet age and YouTube made the best one pocket moves public the learning curve on the moving game became much shorter. All top players...
  11. Tin Man

    Doc D got me thinking...

    I think I see a triangle! And a few squares! Glad I took from that what you wanted me too... :)
  12. Tin Man


    And when Dr. Dave saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.
  13. Tin Man

    Derby City Classic 2024 - Tickets on sale November 7th, 10am Eastern

    I’m registered. Thank you for thinking of me. It means a lot to have your support. 🙏
  14. Tin Man

    Useful to choke up on cue to limit cue ball travel?

    You are spot on that the key to soft touch shots is a very, very short swing with a very, very slow moving cue stick. You don't want your cue stick to move. You want it to drift. But you're right, by shortening the swing you can still shoot with confidence without over-hitting. One...
  15. Tin Man

    Derby City Classic 2024 - Tickets on sale November 7th, 10am Eastern

    Thanks for the tag! I will sign up asap! I just went to their website and it is still showing 2023 info and saying "Out of stock" for entries into all divisions. I'll keep posted, maybe this updates soon?
  16. Tin Man

    Is speed 9 ball a usefull training aid?

    Some really good replies here. Basement Dweller and George had some great points. I have played a bit with a 30 second shot clock which felt uncomfortably quick under pressure. What helped me was to establish my three checkpoints: 1) Decision (make up my mind, picture the shot I want...
  17. Tin Man

    Is speed 9 ball a usefull training aid?

    Judo, I think it could be a useful to do now and again. There is a range of tight vs loose. Some players play way too loose and speed up and become reckless under pressure. Others slow down and become agonizingly slow and overly cautious under pressure. As a more deliberate and analytical...
  18. Tin Man

    The competitor cycle

    Yes, false humility is definitely a form of ego. Ask me how I know. When I was a teenager I was all about it. The idea was to have higher standards than anyone else. Oh, he's a 790 Fargo? He's ok. Fedor is good. Everyone else is mediocre... The idea was to shoot for the stars and hit the...
  19. Tin Man

    The competitor cycle

    Hahaha. I know you meant it as a compliment but it sounded kind of funny. Like "Really, you're going to try to do this for a living?" It's kind of like when your buddy says "You're going to play so and so? Oh. Good luck. At least it's on a bar table..." ;) Seriously, the vast majority of...
  20. Tin Man

    The competitor cycle

    I don't know what happened that set. I'm guessing someone got up big and then fell short? That's pool...;)