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  1. Grilled Cheese

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    Short version: The APA is not for you. At least it is not ideal for accomplishing what you want as others have said. Can you get better? Sure. Any matches/play will work toward that. However, it's sitting around for 4-5 hours only to play 1 short race. Figure, if you're at least a SL6, then...
  2. Grilled Cheese

    Serious question?

    That's right. The rise of suburbia also killed pool. Less urbanized environment means people started doing more outdoor things. None of this is controversial. Brunswick did analysis of this way back and this is why they changed their tables. Started making tables suitable for homes, cheaper, to...
  3. Grilled Cheese

    Serious question?

    Ah, the classic what is wrong with pool thread. Technically, nothing. Rather it lacks a position of privilege. Let me summarize... 1. Still hasn't shaken the stigma of being associated with gambling, smoke filled rooms, low-class criminal element, and scumbag type culture because to be...
  4. Grilled Cheese

    Jayson Shaw - Fastest Pace Pro Player?

    Faster placed players like this is the only thing keeping the sport alive. Not trolling here. Too bad they are a minority of players. I don't watch much pool anymore because of the slow play. Got better things to do than watch some "pro" stare at a routine shot for 3 minutes that an APA SL4...
  5. Grilled Cheese

    Non-Layered Tips

    Elk Master is the best. Consistent within the box, low cost. If Efren can play with them and do what he did, you have no excuse. They are also amazing when pressed. Snooker players play with tips similar to the Elk Master. People claim non-layered tips are not consistent. Well, sometimes...
  6. Grilled Cheese

    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    It is true that various other players that you cited dominated particular decades or years. However, Earl was right up there across all those eras. And as I mentioned before, the tournament record, especially US Open and World Championship is where he really pulls away.
  7. Grilled Cheese

    No dispute that Efren is the GOAT, but who is the 9 ball GOAT?

    This isn't even a debate, Earl Strickland is the greatest 9 ball player of all time. His contemporaries agree. Efren is great because he played all games at an elite level, but he didn't dominate the main game everyone played (9 ball) the way Earl did. Yeah, I know, everyone loves the fancy...
  8. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    Exactly. In the one video it is demonstrated that the harder tips make the CB go longer on that lag shot which was an effort to use the same stroke speed to control that variable as much as possible. This means more speed for harder tip. Thus, when doing the spin test, the CB should be measured...
  9. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    Better implied "more" .... That was the context of much of this thread.
  10. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    The key is the tip speed has to be exactly the same at CB contact. As well as contact point. How that gets done mechanically doesn't matter as long as it is measurable to a very fine degree and repeatable. Some home made cue robots I seen through the years on the web used springs, some used...
  11. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    Hmm.... this thread is developing in an interesting way. So, the claims that tip doesn't matter when it comes to spin have been debunked. Rather than soft tips being the better spin tips, it's hard tips on account of the greater speed they impart on the CB. Interesting. Tip hardness does matter...
  12. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    Well, according to the findings/claims made in the video, assuming one does not miscue - the phenolic tip should draw better, because it is more efficient and generates more CB speed given the same stroke and contact point. That's the disconnect I pointed out in my first reply. How can we have...
  13. Grilled Cheese

    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    I'm in the soft tip = more spin crowd. Just based on personal experience prior to knowing a soft tip was mythologized as having that property. I didn't go into it with any bias or looking for results. It was a discovery for me. But I'm a variable, not a machine. So I could just be plain wrong...
  14. Grilled Cheese

    How to tell an early Meucci Originals from the release?

    Off topic, but look how nice the maple is on that shaft and this was not a high end cue. Goes to show how much demand has impacted supply along with conservation. Stuff these days is not as clean or hard. Better cues of the past had more growth rings and were better cuts (old growth). Very...
  15. Grilled Cheese

    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    Most cues are overrated. Butts are for sure - way overpriced, inferior construction and terrible longevity, shafts depends - CF shafts have solved a lot of issues. Does anyone make a CF butt? I'd go for that. It's better that butts be made from newer synthetics to avoid warping as most cues...
  16. Grilled Cheese

    Diamond pockets specs

    The worst tables I've ever played on were these triple shimmed gold crown II's ....bad angles, and the stacking of shim material also changes the rebound properties. This is why building the subrail up is preferred. The old timers thought it was great setup as they and others would adhere to...
  17. Grilled Cheese

    Diamond pockets specs

    I agree, there's so many poorly setup tables out there because people think they can just shim things down or tighten them up without consideration for the entire geometry of the pocket. It's not just pocket opening, there's the shelf, the shelf curvature, the throat of the pocket and the...
  18. Grilled Cheese

    RKC on You Tube

    He got banned? Jeesh. He was always cool and chill on here. That's unfortunate. Anyway, he's got to be the best table mechanic in the country and has provided literal gold in terms of information and techniques. He helped me out years ago with tips to solve some issues on tables. You can see...
  19. Grilled Cheese

    APA (by Google)

    "Free" I could write a lengthy post about this, but not sure if that's ok on this forum or not.
  20. Grilled Cheese

    Quitting Winners Question

    Most of you don't get it because you probably think exclusively about the money and not about the pride in one's game, reputation and honor. Literally anyone can get a set/game ahead and run away. There's not much to it. That's pathetic. It's also cowardice and an admission you're not confident...