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    LF Gold Letter JOSS N-20

    Hi Guys, any Joss N-20 up for sale or trade? Thanks in advance... Best Markus
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    New Rusty Melton 2/3 Case For Sale ~~ 1 of 3 Made

    Amazing and exceptional case....
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    Sold JMW -James White Cue

    Weight of butt and shafts?
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    Samsara 1 of a kind

    And it will be very welcome... ;-)
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    Sold Vintage Joss Cue similar to "Color of Money" Cue

    I might be interested in the one with the original linen wrap. If possible butt only. Can you provide pics and price to Thx in advance Markus
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    Samsara 1 of a kind

    Email sent regarding a trade for my Black bushka...
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    Sold 2222 Hustler case 2x2

    Great case and great seller... Still enjoy both of my cases.
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    Jim Murnak is making a new kind of cue case

    Hey Mr. Murnak, i am a custom cue and case collector and i feel great about you making cases again. You have been missed ;-) Even if that case is awesome, i have to ask if you are willing to make some of your earlier case modells aswell? Anyway : it is good for all of us, seeing you making...
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    Gold letter Joss

    I would take the butt only for 250$ shipped to Germany.
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    Sold Beautiful Custom Mike Bender cues with 3x6 Whitten Case for sale

    If the Bender player gets sold, i am highly interested into the Break Jump Bender...
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    Arthur/custom break cue

    You got mail....
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    Arthur/custom break cue

    Here we go. I have a curly maple one with linen wrap. Unfortunately i am located in Germany, but maybe we have a chance to make deal. Let me know if interested.... Two ebony Arthur player are vailable too ;-)
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    Warning ⚠️

    How does he contact you? I am the guy who got that fake offer telling me he is Jose.
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    Mike Bender five-point beauty

    Are you interested in trades and if, what might be interesting?
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    WTB: Wrapless Tascarella

    Hi Guys, like the title said, i am looking for a wrapless Tasc. I am located in Germany, so a non ivory one is a must... Cash in the bank aswell as lot of trade options... Thanks in advance Markus
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    Sold Mike Bender ebony on ebony

    I'll take it!!!
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    Sold 2222 Hustler case 2x2

    Topnotch cases and Dinko is a great guy to deal with. Deserves a 110% recommendation!!! If it would have a shoulderstrap it has been sold to me within seconds.... GLWS Buddy... Keep on building!!!
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    Sold 🌶🌶 Arthur by Marcus Dienst🌶🌶

    WOW, only thing that tops cues beauty is sellers character... GLWS
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    2019 Sugartree 8 pointer

    Yes, made its way to Germany ;-)