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    Lambros M.E.T. cue...

    I haven't been on this site for a long time. Tired of all the of all the people trying to discredit or just plain old bad mouth someone. For all the people I have never met Mr wu ,he is not my dealer or any way affiliated with my business. He is someone who I asked to evaluated my new cue...
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    Lambros Cue Assessment

    I am more than willing to talk with you and appraise the cues. Everyone is correct the flat face cues, though great players, do not command as high a price on the secondary market compared to the UJ cues. Give me a call.
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    Lambros contact info

    Dave; Glad to hear you love the cross cue. Thanks, Mike L.
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    Lambros contact info

    retired/moving ? To all: I am not retireing in the near future. But I am 66 and who can say what the future holds. As of today my health is fine, and my desire to make cues still burns in me. As a one man shop there will be a delay in deliveries. This will affect dealers more than individual...
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    conical joint

    clearification The terms convex & concave apply to radiuses suraces such as mirrors,but also apply to polygons to define their shape. By math term convex is defined as; 1) a closed surface containing no interior angles greater than 180 deg. 2) a line segment drawn between any 2 interior points...
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    conical joint

    correction The term concave and convex are defined soley by the shape of a closed surface.! Not if the surface is sherical or straight. For the math uninformed here is an intuitive link that describes this. As for my joint the US patent office...
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    PSA: A point with a Re-Cut inside is not 2 points

    Recuts Here is my explanation on the # of points. I make a 4-point front (all v-points here). Then machine 4 more shorter points between the ist set of 4 (rotated 45 digs.). No one would say this is not an 8-point front. Right!! Now take those 4 short points and rotate them 45 deg. until they...
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    New Ferrule tip system

    Looks like my ultra joint used for ferrules. Mike L. LAMBROS CUES
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    Lambros shaft/ferrule change

    The ferrules are ivorine 3. Mike l.
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    Lambros Masterpiece Cue, used almost mint

    Ok! hopefully for the last time. The masterpiece cues were made in my shop.They were built by my apprentice for training. I completed the builds. They all have piloted flat faced joints. They are no longer made because of confusion that they are a lower priced version of my ultra jointed cues...
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    Mike Lambros beyond repute…

    Great pm! not!!! I have always charge shipping costs to everyone. The fact that you claim you did not know this is suspect. The fact of talking to my ex-employe is also suspect since he still works here and does not know you. And would not divulge the operations of the shop. Not to you or anyone...
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    Mike Lambros beyond repute…

    Against better judgment !! Eric your description does not give me any insight into who you are or when this happened? I cannot find any order for a Eric in NY. It must be at least three years ago. I have made thousands of cues over the last 20+ years and can honestly say that never did a cue...
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    Best break tip?

    The best break tip that I have tried is the new ultra skin HH tip from Tom Hay. This leather tip breaks great with power and great control. I can even jump with it. It out performs my phenolic break tips in every way. Great job Tom. Mike L.
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    Selling a Lambros PJ

    Send the cue to me care of LAMBROS CUES. If the cue is as you posted I will either pay you the $500 you asked for,or rebuild you a new cue if the cue is as you posted. Mike L.
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    Tournament Situation

    First, Ron A. should have been warned not to approach the table, let alone play with the cue ball, when not his turn. Even then he should not be allowed to clean the cue ball. A little silicon goes a long way.The ref takes care of those issues. In Japan this would not have been tolerated. He...
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    Caveat emptor

    Bobco, or should I say Country Bob. The one and only that played at bill and billies. Who tried for years to get me to sell him a cue. ( at very highly reduced prices). As for your association with cue makers I have talked with them in the past and you were not thought of in favorable light...
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    Caveat emptor

    Bobco, I don't know who the hell you are, but you're so wrong that Its ridiculous. First I play @ Rosedale in Sonny's league. Both Sonny and Zach are friends of mine. I see them all the time they never mentioned anything like this. Pure lies and BS #1. Richard did buy a 57" cue from me. He got...
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    Caveat emptor

    cuesblues !! Be careful how you state your opinion! I'll be damned if you or anyone not regard me as highly respected and reputable in this industry. I find that your remarks hold little to no validity at all. For Leon to state he has a 6m warranty is a slap in everyones face. I have been doing...
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    Caveat emptor

    Let me see if I understand this! The cue is about 1 yr old, has not been abused, has been resold. The new owner is unhappy with the quality of the finish. If this is correct I take offense that people believe it is ok to accept that a cue maker does't need to stand behind his work because it is...
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    "Anwar Cues" LD shaft review....

    I have made less than 6 laminated shafts for cues other my own. Not really interested in doing this Several 5/16x14, several radial, several 5/16x18. They all had a 3/8" black phenolic ring with my logo. No uni-loc jointed shaft has ever been made in my shop. The price for me to do a lam. shaft...