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    Covering Diamonds

    I recover pool tables for a living in pensacola Name is denny. 8502063720.
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    Gorgeous Rick Howard for sale!

    Make me an offer
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    Gorgeous Rick Howard for sale!

    I have a Rick Howard for sale! Amboina,with ebony points, 6 long, 6 short, with ivory rings. It has 2 shafts, 13 mm. It weighs 19.25oz Hardly used. The cue rolls straight. Need to sell ASAP Denny 8502063720 asking 1250.00 thanks for looking!
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    Howard, Patrick, Joss, Douglas, Omen....FOR SALE

    is the howard cue still for sale? interested in the rick howard! can you email pictures to if it is still for sale
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    "rkc" gc3

    Today Where are you located?
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    FS-9' Brunswick Gold Crown 3-Brand New Simonis And Rail Rubber

    Today Is this table still for sale
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    Diamond Tables for Sale

    Today Do you still have tables for sale? If so can you call me at 850-206-3720 Denny fox
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    Early Joss Cue

    Today What are you asking for the cue?
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    *******DP Cue with 314x2 shat super deal***********

    Today Is that ivory in the cue? Pretty stick
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    *** sly ***

    Today I didn't see a price on it either
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    Rick Howard F/S

    Today Does this cue have a wrap on it? Maybe send some mor pictures to tonto160@ Denny or you can call me at 850-206-3720
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    FS/FT used Schon CX56

    Today My offer still stands 450.00. If I had the cash I would give you 500! If interested, you can call me 850-306-3720
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    FS/FT used Schon CX56

    Today Would you take 450.00 for the cue! I don't have a lot of money.
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    2 Tascarella 5/16x14 shafts FS/FT

    Today How do those cues play?
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    2 Tascarella 5/16x14 shafts FS/FT

    Today Can you send me some pictures of the butt to! Thanks
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    Giveaway, Muecci Original Gambler

    Put me in That's an original
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    Schon LTD-Excellent Condition

    Is this stick still for sale? I like this stick! You can contact me at
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    F/S NEW Carolina Custom - 2 shafts

    Nice cue! Still up for sale Guess you couldn't how the cue plays if it's only test hit
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    FT: Schon LTD Lots of Ivory!

    This cue still for sale? If it is you can call me at 850 206 3720 Denny
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    Tim Scruggs

    I like this cue What is the asking price? You can contact me at 850 206 3720. Denny