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    9' Snooker table needed, any out there?

    Looks like there is 3 or 4 nine foot snooker tables on None are Brunswicks so I would wait to find better tables... Lots of real cheap snooker tables up in Canada.
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    9' Snooker table needed, any out there?

    9 foot snooker tables seem to be on ebay a few times a year, You just missed this one Brunswick Balke Collender Conqueror Antique Billiard Snooker Pool Table 9' 1928 | eBay
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    FargoRate for One Pocket?

    This is a myth made up by lesser players who cant consistently run balls. They migrate to a game where running balls is not the main part of the game. Then start telling people the better watch out because I understand "moving" lol I have seen a lot of low level players act like they are...
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    Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

    Its quite tough! I ran 3.5 racks of ten ball a couple days ago on it! With a measle ball too! I'll be hiding, as well, RiverCity. Better tune up those kicks!
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    Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

    10 foot Brunswick Anniversary that was remachined to be slightly tougher than Diamond specs. Rails extended the correct way and perfect math all the way around. Size: 10 foot table Pocket size = 4.125 inches Pocket angle >= 143.5 degrees Shelf = 1.5 inches TDF: 1.44
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    Replacement pockets for a national pool table

    I had a National that was very close to a Gold Crown. A set of Gold Crown or Anniversary pocket castings and pockets may not be too hard to retrofit. Not sure what model you have but mine could have been retrofitted with little trouble. I took mine to the dump!
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    1952 World 3-C Championship, San Francisco

    whats with all the suits? I bet Efren could spot all of them all while wearing t-shirt...
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    Pool table with wheels ?

    Very innovative. I think your talents may be wasted on pool tables...
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    Diamond slate shelf and radius

    Does anybody have the geometry for Diamond slate? I am going to experiment with extending my slate shelves but don't know the actual shape of the corners and sides. I read from a trusted source that the corner shelf should be 60% of the ball which is no problem but what radius is the curvature...
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    roll call...only those that have been here 10+ years.

    I had an account on the original forum back when it was just for Arizona. I made an account and put up a wanted add for a pool table. Must have been late 90s or early 2000s. I think all the inactive users were pruged or nobody was transfered to the new website when it went up. IIRC So who is...
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    WTB - Gold Crown Ball return system

    I need a ball return system from a brunswick. Gold Crown style. These could have been used on other models as well. 9 foot Thanks
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    Please recommend the best One Pocket match to watch.

    reyes daulton at galveston is pretty good
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    Rail angles, cushions, 10 foot anniversary

    All my parts are ordered. I am hoping to start ruining these rails next week :smile:
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    Rail angles, cushions, 10 foot anniversary

    I estimate there are no more than seven 10 foot tables in the entire state of Alaska. Two billiard and 5 snooker that I know of. Ive been looking for ten years. I will do whatever modifications it takes to convert to a pool table. This table has already been converted. I am going to repair the...
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    Rail angles, cushions, 10 foot anniversary

    I would love to send the rails out but the long rail is one piece and I am in Alaska. Shipping is ridiculous and difficult. Almost impossible to get a table shipped here too. I tried so many times... I doubt there is a local guy I would trust to do a better rail job than I could. I have every...
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    Rail angles, cushions, 10 foot anniversary

    I have a 10 foot Brunswick Anniversary. I am in the process of determining what I can do to maximize playability. Here are some specs - Cushion nose height about 1-9/16 to 1-5/8. Too high. Rail cushion glue surface angle is 27 degrees. Not even close to 23.5. Playing surface is exactly 56"...
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    Wood ID help

    Thanks for the insight! I appreciate it.
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    Wood ID help

    Cocobolo was also one that matched in the database but all the other pics I could find of cocobolo look different. Its so hard finding consistant qualities with wood to make determinations. I hate guessing, I like to know what I have... Str8eight - goncolo alves pic in the database looks...
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    Wood ID help

    Any ideas on what this wood on the left cue is? Looking at I think it matches Texas Ebony the best. There was only four or five that looked close. The cue is a Brunswick Huppe Professional and I think its from the 60s. Hopefully its obvious to some of you. I dont...