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    Who else qualified for the 2009 US Amateur in Florida???

    I work at Strokers in Tampa where event will be held. I was not able to play do to prior things. We did have 11 strong players make the cut including the room owner. 1 surprise was that the 2007 champ Jason Richko didnt make the cut he was beat out. Look forward to seeing you all there.
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    Who's gonna be in Vegas next month?

    Ill be there doing minis and just the Vegas thing
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    Galveston Chat is done.

    should be a great tournament cant wait!!
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    Best food you've ever had at a pool hall?

    Strokers Strokers in Palm Harbor or Tampa Florida best shrimp and burgers around by far!!
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    Great Job James Roberts

    James can play with the best of them when he keeps his head right. Keep it up James.. Also i dont think he had a first round bye i think he played howell in the first round and won 10- 8
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Is there gonna be action or what?
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Donny , True or not why would you say that. Its just giving the idiot more ammo to use and bash you with!!!!
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Bet Well since he is an amateur getting 10 on the wire ill only bet my house on him if i get 2 to 1 on the money......:thumbup:
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    in tampa - where to play?

    Strokers 2 on hills is the best in Tampa. If you stop bye say hi ill be working the desk tonight..
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Gamemaker Donny why did gamemaker back out of the game where you were playing Rodney even 9 ball rack our own. You said you would play and at first gamemaker said he would put Rodney in the box with that game. Im just lost trying to find out what changed.
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Donny there just gonna keep bashing you and no one is gonna come down here to play. Lets just let it go and forget this thread was started.
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    LOL James R is a funny man
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    wow Donny is a mad man.. Lets see the gamble!!!!
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    Bet It Donny plays very well .. I like him in almost any match he can get set up.
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    St. Petersburg pool halls

    Strokers 2 There is only 1 7ft table there. We do have a 9 ball tourny every saturday which i host. Cheap entry starts at 2 pm money added..... I work the desk and kitchen at strokers 2 . If you stop by say hi Im Justin P.
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    St. Petersburg pool halls

    St Pete There is a room on St Pete beach called stix. there are many rooms to the north in clearwater. There is Strokers, family billiards , corner pocket. crooked cue, and park place. Just over the water in tampa there is another Strokers that has Diamond 7ft and 2 diamond 9ft . That is where...
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    For the Science Guys #1

    lmao Squeezing the butt almost always makes my stroke speed up. LOL now that there is funny stuff
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    T.a.r. Challenge

    wow no takers yet???
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    Catching a Big Fish for Smorg

    Fishing I know he will love to look down and see us all fishing. I had the pleasure of fishing with smorg many times. That's actually how he started calling me son and i calling him pops. Funny story we went fishing on a party boat for grouper side by side we were fishing. I am a big guy like...
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    How much does the butt matter for LD shafts?

    I shoot with the Lucasi Hybrid shaft. One of my cues is a custom with radial wood to wood, the other is a 5/16-14 piloted. They both hit pretty much the same , i can go from 1 to the other with no worries at all.