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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Just an average bar table player trying to be better here. I grew up as a teenager in a pool hall since my dad owned one. I won $1k as a kid back then in the local tournament in town but hell thats almost 25 years ago now. I’ve decided to start back playing and working on getting my own...
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    Kincaid Table- The Professional

    I noticed their updated professional table resembles a diamond instead of a gold crown. Any reviews or opinions on this table?
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    Brunswick Centennial

    It’s an 8 ft pro so it does kind of split the difference. Would you use the artemis or the Brunswick super speed cushions? As a bonus he did agree to throw in the Brunswick Centennial rotating cue rack and the centennial balls. If money allows I’d really like to get Mark to do his finish...
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    Brunswick Centennial

    Great site here and thanks upfront for the advice. I grew up playing pool since my dad owned a pool hall through my teenage years but quit playing years ago. After a 20 year hiatus I’ve taken back up playing and want my own table. My dad has a Brunswick Centennial 8 foot he has owned for...