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    Neptune Joe Frady - RIP

    Joe Fradt Went to Joes wake yesterday very sad. Only a coulpe of guys showed up. we are gonna miss u Buddy. RIP. Larry and Marilyn Nickerson.
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    Valley Forge

    What are the dates for 2016 SBE?
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    Who was the best pool player you ever played in your pool career?

    best player i played Neptune Joe Frady!
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    attaching pic of cue I want to put up for sale

    I have pic that I want to attach to a for sale post but I can't get it to work.It's in my pictures on my lap top please help in laymans terms. It' a nice Paul Motty Hoppe
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    Lathe Speed

    OK I got my new repair lathe. I faced the ferrule and just glued a Morri on and it looks good.Now my question is what speed {RPMS} Hi Low or Med? To cut the tip with the tool bit. I got a bunch of old shafts and house cues from the Legion to practice with. Next it's ferrules. My wife just rolled...
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    Cue Repair Lathe

    my repair lathe It's a Mid America basic starter lathe from Todd at M.A plus some other goodies. And yes I'm reading C.Hightowers book cover to cover! Like I said It's getting EXPENSIVE!!!
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    Hightowers book Been looking all over for that book used no luck. I ordered a new one from him today along with some other stuff. This is starting to get exespensive!
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    Cue Repair Lathe

    Lathe Just gonna do tips and clean up some shafts. Maby fix some house cues at the American Legion. Nothing too tuff.
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    Cue Repair Lathe

    What is a Live Center and Dead Center for? I am a brand new lathe owner and don't know nuttin.
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    Integrity, the missing ingredient .

    The Meucci! Come on the Meucci is so warped it went like a boomerang and he stuck Himself between the eyes!
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    Hercek or Southwest

    Buy a Schon and save thousands!
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    Preferred Shaft Size (Regular Maple)

    Size 13mm. or the new Pred. Vantage at 12.9mm
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    Handheld steamer

    I used my expresso machine and it worked great! The steamer puts out a very thin stream and no mess. Took a nick on my shaft right out.Plus I had a nice cup of coffee!
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    ferrule Question

    Lucasi Bruce just go back to your old Palmer withe the screw on tips! Or be like Garbage Truck Red (RIP) and use a Lucky Cue HOUSEBUSHKA. Then it's back to the office with Billy G(RIP).
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    Predator Vantage vs Meucci Pro Shaft

    Pred. Vantage Like the new Vantage. Not crazy about their new tips. And their ferulles are hard to keep clean(too soft).But the shaft plays real good!
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    have you found the one?

    the one Paul Mottey Hoppe with Ivory ferrules and a Morri Or Kamui tip . or a Pred shaft. real good hit!
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    UltraSkins, Bad Tips Miscues

    tips I have put on 5 ultra skins and no problems. I think they play pretty good. can't beat the price! just sold a carolina custom and the guy could't believe the great hit it has with a new ultra skin tip.
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    Meucci Cues.... Whats your opinion????

    Meucci JUNK! Horrible finish and lousy hit. They make good fire wood! I just gave away a Gambler I hated that cue. They all warp in short time. To deal with them on the phone is a nightmare. I'd sooner use a house cue.
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    5/15x14 joint pin.

    Is it hard to replace with a new pin same size on a Schon 5/16x14 ? If not how do you do it?
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    Pool Room in New Jersey - Pool Time Billiards, Under new management

    New Place As soon as the weather breaks I'll take a ride up there on my Brand New Harley Street Glide. Not Braggin but it's so BEEEEAUTIFULL.