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    Best Instructor in NY Area?

    Jason Hunt from Buffalo, NY is a great teacher.
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    Buffalo Billiards, tournament yesterday had 51 players, with Calcutta and all!

    I'm a B player and Lock offers me the 5 and the break on sight. He says any time I come to the Worlld's Poolhall, I can get this game. Mr. Lock plays jam up. All games. Runs hundreds in straight pool, Packages in 9 ball, banks em 6,7,8 rails at a time. And his best game is one hole.
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    Who would you like to see commentate at the 2013 Ultimate 10 Ball

    How about Evgeny Stalev and Devil Dave?
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    The problem with being 39 and getting pro lessons...

    Forget about the kids my man. Get that stroke fixed :grin-square
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    The myth that snooker is popular and profitable.

    The average snooker referee makes around what the average pro pool player probably makes.
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    I am wondering if there are any pool movies that I have not seen before.

    My fav is the episode on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will gets hustled at a poolroom and Uncle Phil and the butler go back and take the whole joint off.
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    Who was the best pool player you ever played in your pool career?

    Lock n Load gave me the 4,5 and the break and tortured me.
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    slow play

    I miss getting tortured by the Wongster.
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    OMGWTF Disses Mike Dechaine, in style

    My favorite line - 'Dinner was good, when Mike was chewing'.
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    Efren still kickin it.

    Imagine Spanish Eddie playing for his case 20 and having to fade the roosters.
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    You Can't Make Good $ In Bars Anymore

    If you're ever in NYC, you can come take me off.
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    Jason "buffalo" hunt

    I 2nd that. Quite confident that is not him. Buffalo couldn't pull off a sick mustachio like that guy.
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    Who is the all-time, best shape player?

    Frankie Hernandez
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    Pool and Bowling Hustling.....

    Ernie McCracken
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    Making your opponents shoot every shot or concede out of respect?

    It would not bother me one bit if my opponent, after scratching on the 9, wanted me to spot it up and shoot it in. Any time you're playing a guy like that, you gotta know you're stealing. I just think it's incredibly petty between players that can play at all, to do that. But..If you're ever...
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    Making your opponents shoot every shot or concede out of respect?

    You've seen a decent player miss the 9 ball with ball in hand? What kind of suckers are you playing?:smile: I have no problem with guys never conceding the 9 while their opponent is running out, that's one thing. But no player with any type of speed will miss with ball in hand on the 9 ball...
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    Making your opponents shoot every shot or concede out of respect?

    Are you a broke road player?
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    Who had the greatest Break in History?

    Nobody ever broke 'em like Danny Diliberto. Ever.
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    36.12 mph

    You must work out.