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    Tad, Spain, Jacoby for sale

    Show me Your Gina's !! good luck nice looking cues
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    Anyone else hate ebay?

    Chalk it up To a learning lesson. Better luck to you next time. I don't believe there are any great deals or steals out there. You get what you pay for or less!!!
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    Strong Arm John?

    If you really know him, he's an A Hole!!!
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    Pool Ball Polisher

    Order Ill take one. Sent payment.
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    Finally..The Perfect Cue Extension...$32 Shipped

    Payment Payment sent change color from silver to black please thanks
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    FS / FT - 1 of 1 Mike Bender Smithsonian Cue with 18kt Gold Inlays

    Bump for a great looking bender. Ryan is a great guy to do business with. PM SENT
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    WANTED G10 ferrule material

    WANTED G10 ferrule material "Need 1"
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    Funny little story

    John how can I work on my nerves? Do you think all the beers helped his nerves? I don't drink when I play but I have done a shot or two to take the edge off before.
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    SHAFT DIAMETER (smaller I play better?)

    Missing less. I'm a 6 in APA 8 ball and 7 in 9 got 9th in the 6-7 nationals 2010 been playing hard and working to get better for 3 years in april
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    So sick fell like QUITTING!

    Been praticing almost every day. Felt like I was playing better than ever. Matched up against a seasoned player that I've played several times. We go back and forth. He's 60 or 70 and been playing a long time. I'm 40 and been play hard the last 2-3 years. We play race to 9 for $500 the 1st set...
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    SHAFT DIAMETER (smaller I play better?)

    I play with a Gina and switched from the 13mm to 12.33mm and love it. Is there a reason I play better with the smaller shaft?
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    What's the best ld shaft on the market?

    1. WHAT'S THE BEST LD SHAFT ON THE MARKET? 2. Will the diameter affect deflection? ie. ( 12 mm shaft / 13 mm shaft)
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    Looking 4 BAD Gina shaft "ivory&silver ring work"

    I need the ring work to put on another shaft.
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    How 2 clean a linen wrap?

    Thanks for all your comments.
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    WTB: Joint protectors for Ginacue......

    Just had Ernie make me a custom set for one of my Gina's $500 maybe pricey but if you can afford a Gina why not have the same guy make the protectors? The value of your cue will be more and Ernie's work is the best!
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    9 ball break!

    What are the effects on the 9 ball rack, breaking a ball off the rail using center cue ball or draw? I'm interested in what the draw does to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd balls on the side your breaking from. The 3rd ball being the wing ball. It seems that the angle off the rack can be affected with using...
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    How 2 clean a linen wrap?

    How 2 clean a linen wrap? What's the best way to clean a linen wrap.
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    FS: Ginacue 1 of 1 17B Sapele Cue

    Ryan is a great guy to work with. Just bought a monster from him. Good luck with your sell.
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    WTB 1 of 1 GINA

    Found 1 I like , I'm about 2 pull the trigger! Spending 10k makes me nervous. Last chance to show me yours