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    Winner Breaks..

    I used to play in Valley tournaments...race to 3 ..alternating breaks. It gives you a chance but the lag is more important to that format. My opponent wins the lag...breaks and runs out. I break and run out...then he breaks and runs out...then I break and run out...then its 2 to 2 ..he breaks...
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    Could y'all explain this to me?

    I always thought its money based from high level tournaments
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    I always make the biggest room in the house my pool room and if its the living room...a Bedroom may end up as the living room! Priorities are easier when youre single!
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    Tim Scruggs history

    I met Tim thru friend...think it was Towson Md. I ordered a cue to be made 60 in long. I used to go to his shop every week to see the progress on my cue. He was the only person to clean my cue or replace tips for about 8 years or more. He moved to Baltimore in a rowhouse shop. We used to play a...