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    RIP Yang 1978-2023

    In 2004, the World Pool Championship was moved from Cardiff, Wales to Taipei, Taiwan. Renowned players flocked in, not just to participate in the tournament, but also engaged in the after-hour matches in "Simon's Pool Club" when the business was still being run in the XiMen area of Taipei...
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    New Gold Crown VI世界初登場-ブランズウィック-ゴールドクラウンⅥ-シックス/ Well not an official site of the Japan Open, but it does say these are the genuine Gold Crown VI and they we making their debut in this tournament (or any tournament for that matter.) The table is not available for...
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    Titles for Wu

    Unfortunately, he no longer competes regularly in Taiwan, having acquired a Chinese citizenship.
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    Who is your favorite and least favorite Pinoy Pro

    For the record, it's Marlon Manalo. Favorite? Has to be Efren for his knowledge, Alex and Warren Kiamco for their gentlemanship. Least favorite would be Dennis Orcollo.
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    ESpring Amway cup?

    And no report whatsoever from AZ, at least not seen on the frontpage. The prize money for the crowned player, I believe, is USD34,000. Congratulations to Chou on winning the toughest women's 9ball event in the world, though I was rooting for Kelly all the way during the finals (I'm from Taiwan.)
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    Runde schon r6 $$795 $$

    Nice Runde era Schon. What would the butt weigh if the bolt is taken off (and can it?) Thanks a lot.
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    Mcworter Cue for sale The Deco

    sounds like a real powerful cue, might damage the cueball though.:D
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    chinese players and their cues

    Don't know how Southwest fad initially took place among Taiwanese players, but Yang Ching Shun definitely played a big part in popularizing the brand name to a household level. Guy used to play with an ebony on ebony SW back in late 90's to 2000, and when he had that cue he was virtually...
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    Shane vs Ko Pin Yi Finals Guinness World Series Of Pool

    Ko is arguably better than Yang now. Actually many of Yang's fellow players have been doing way better than Yang in terms of tournament outcomes. Yang has the talent to be one of the best in the world indeed, but he lost the desire to play since several years ago, and, as a consequence, has...
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    Mike Bender Custom Silver notched Diamond Pool Cue

    Great looking Bender. I'd like to know the weights for the shafts and the butt respectively. Is everything original? Thanks.
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    Fs: Fancy mike bender - high end

    Great color combination----but is it just me, or the cue in the picture looked unusually skinny and prolonged?
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    Blue Grass by Richard Harris -PJ Birdseye-

    blow-out will a bit of an understatement for that price if the cue's been taken care of....
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    FS: Stunning Schon Ltd. Ivory, Ebony, Turquoise

    Very beautiful Schon, I bet it hits well too. But you shouldn't say "all white is ivory" if the ferrule and butt cap (which isn't pure white probably) aren't. That'll create some confusion.
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    Your choice---$750 each shipped in US

    That Hill's looks nice....why doesn't it have the detailed specs like all the other cues you have? e.g.shaft diameter, weight, condition, etc....:)
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    [fs] SAMSARA CUE

    Any trade offers?
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    [fs] SAMSARA CUE

    Bumply bump. Still taking offers!
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    [fs] SAMSARA CUE

    ONE BUMP FOR THIS PLAYER!! :thumbup:
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    [fs] SAMSARA CUE

    Will listen to trade offers...wanna try new cues~
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    Bryan MORDT CUSTOM - BCM Ebony on Ebony

    Nice cue. If only I could sell my Samsara I'd get my hands on this one. What year was it made?
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    [fs] SAMSARA CUE

    Sunday bump. Will take this one off the board in a couple of weeks:(