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    Wtb: uniloc butt that can accept searing uniloc shaft

    Quick release uniloc
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    Wtb: uniloc butt that can accept searing uniloc shaft

    I have one searing shaft with uniloc joint Would like to find a uniloc butt for the shaft. Unfortunately predator cue butt is not able to accept searing shaft.
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    Cue joint issue

    Can I repair by myself? Any tool I need to have? I’m not a cue repair man though
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    Cue joint issue

    There is a gap between the metal joint and the forearm wood. Is it possible to repair?
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    TAD Merry Widow

    best to skip
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    curly maple shaft

    looking for curly maple shaft for 3/8-11 or radial
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    cue case

    thanks guys! appreciate your help! :thumbup: anyone has other website that do sell the same type of case. Pls let me know :smile:
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    cue case

    anyone knows where to purchase cue case made of wool felt which some cue makers send with their cues? seen some chris nitti cue with the soft casing. anyone knows where to purchase them? would like to keep my cues in those case. thank you
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    Southwest Jerry Franklin 310-93 All Ebony

    very rare offering! something we don't see often listed for sale!:thumbup:
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    Pool Table on Vinyl Laminate Floorting - Questions???

    probably u will have to worry about the pool balls dropping on the vinyl flooring. it might cause dents on pool balls given the hardness of the vinyl flooring.
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    Wanted : south west shaft

    Any sw shaft for sale out there? 29.25inch Weigh around 3.3-3.8oz
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    Wanted 3/8-11 southwest joint Revo shaft 12.9mm

    Looking for 3/8-11 revo 12.9 mm for southwest joint
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    Southwest Collector's Cue

    Still available for sale? Pls send a price to me.
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    Mezz powerbreak pro

    WTB mezz powerbreak pro with h shaft or r shaft in mint condition
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    cue wax

    what will be a good wax to polish the cue butt to it shiny and glossy? is renaissance wax suitable for use on the butt? any other products that are good? thank you
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    south west

    looking for south west cues prefer ebony on ebony pm me pic and price. thank you
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    FS/FT Mint condition Meucci Cue with Pro Shaft

    19oz almost Brand New condition Meucci Pool Cue with Western Bull Leather Wrap. Comes with the Pro Shaft used by Jayson Shaw. $300 shipped or OBO. Accept trades
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    Searing Tips review

    Like the grip/bite on the cue ball that this tip offers. Better than kamui which feels too hard even for medium.
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    Best ball polisher

    i have a ball cleaner i bought from china. it can wash 16 balls at one go in a one minute. each ball in one ring slot. imho, it really does the job well. at less than what a diamond cleaner costs.
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    Dennis Searing contact info

    does the email belongs to Dennis Searing? thank you