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    PPV - Jan 19-27 Aramith Action Room Derby City Classic 2018

    When does the action start today?
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    ChalkyStick TV - An ongoing pool tv channel

    I think the channel guide or an option for switching between different matches (channels) would be an interesting option as no one else really offers real time switching between matches. Looks good so far though keep it up. (NOT a roku owner so this is great for me)
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    The q city 9 ball tour

    Wish I wasn't working tomorrow I'd be there. Glad to see someone streaming one of Hermans events. Should be a good one. Best of luck to you guys.
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    Archer v Morris-- Free Stream! April 26th LINK for stream.... Or it should be.
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    Hatch vs. Earl

    I will most definitely be there. I'm about 45 mins away so this is a given to attend.
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    Got a question for Pat Fleming ???

    Thank you. Idk why I couldn't Find those Threads lol
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    Got a question for Pat Fleming ???

    So wait, I'm a little behind since being gone for a while, is Pat doing the US Open now? Sorry if this has been answered before. I searched but couldn't find anything conclusive.
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    Isn't the Lambros Ultra Joint basically a piloted 3/8X10 pin? With modifications of course but at least from what I've seen (as I've never owned nor held one) it APPEARS to be some sort of 3/8X??? pin....... The pilot and joint collar seem a bit small/thick (pilot/joint collar) to be a 3/8 x...
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    black with orange speck linen

    hi guys, just looking for some black with orange speck irish linen for a buddy. If anyone has any leads as to where to get some or any help or want to sell please let me know via PM
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    Last Chance GIVING AWAY 1 DCC Accu-Stats PPV Package - Whole 9 Days

    dont have any local tourneys to post yet since I just moved but I definitely signed up.... Like to have those resources available
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    Drone video of Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    I hope he does. That room is PERFECT for live streaming..... Not to mention the 10 footer could host some AMAZING challenge matches.... That room is by far and away the nicest I've ever been in or seen for that matter
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    Mosconi Cup (Stream Link) free chat here for all those who are watching the stream without a chat server... Come join the fun.
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    Mosconi Cup (Stream Link) free chat here for those watching a stream without a chat server
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    Mosconi Cup (Stream Link)

    Anyone have a chat server set up for this? I remember slomoholic did one last year
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    One Pocket at Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    You mean to tell me you're not a real carolinian? hahahahahahaha
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    One Pocket at Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    No kidding..... I'd really like for them to set-up some live streaming.... They have the perfect venue. Multitudes of tables to choose from, endless amounts of action..... Hell I'd love to set-up one weekend with my low-key web cams and stream some fun matches with my friends just to get...
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    One Pocket at Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    You should John.... I'd make the trip just to talk cases and pool with you again..... Loving my Ultimate rugged I ordered while in afghanistan.
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    One Pocket at Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    BTW, Mr. Chandley, have you guys thought about setting up a stream in your hall? The 10 footer, or the 9 footer right next to it would be perfect spots, as well as many of the bar boxes on that side.I almost set my stuff up last time I was there to stream my buddies and I bangin balls around lol.
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    One Pocket at Chandleys Chalk and Cue

    I think I may need to make the 5 hour drive up there for this........ If anyone in the carolinas has NOT been to chandley's yet, you are missing out BIG TIME! By far and away the nicest pool room I have ever stepped foot into....... The owner is very personable, approachable, and fun to talk...
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    }}}}}}Accu-Stats Game Show{{{{{{

    over already?