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  1. Fuji-whopper

    Pool Room Expressions

    Here people (team members or opponents alike) tend to say "hard-luck" to you repeatedly whenever your shot has any kind of negative aspect to it, regardless of intent. You could shoot the cueball directly into the pocket and if you're playing league you'd immediately hear 4-5 people repeatedly...
  2. Fuji-whopper

    Does pool destroy your body?

    I've got arthritic knees, the doctor was very surprised at my age (45) to have them. Played almost every day for multiple hours during a maybe 20 year period the wear and tear adds up, being a little overweight didn't help either. Neil
  3. Fuji-whopper

    Hawaiian brian

    Aki now owns the Leeward Bowling Alley in Pearl City, he is doing well and is a very decent bowler to boot. Neil
  4. Fuji-whopper

    Help ID Cue, Please. ...Palmer?

    Looks like a cheap import, not worth anything, I hope I'm wrong though and someone chimes in with better info. Neil
  5. Fuji-whopper

    Hitting Balls Hard

    Ariel Carmeli used to make fun of me when we worked at Best Billiards because I used to try out cues by hitting the balls very firmly, what can I say I'm a banger. One time he asked me why I tested cues that way and I didn't really have a real answer but told him "all cues hit basically the same...
  6. Fuji-whopper

    John Robinson Cues

    I've also got the Cocobolo cue and absolutely love it, have always liked his cues and feel lucky to have picked one up since they're not very common. The cue came with 4 shafts, 2 Predator and 2 stock, and am thinking about sending it off to get a 314-3 matched to it but might have to sacrifice...
  7. Fuji-whopper

    Help in identifying this Predator cue

    I can offer a possible source, at the time that these cues were in the works Predator had a very sticky handed clerk with a "problem" that used to take cues then pawn them, under his real name, for very little money....under $50 even though he knew they were worth over $1k. He was caught...
  8. Fuji-whopper

    Efren Reyes - The Makings of a Filipino Pocket Billiards Champion

    Maybe if I feel froggy I'll type it out on a Word document to save it to an easier media type, thank you for the link/info on the article it's a great read. Neil
  9. Fuji-whopper

    Stolen league money

    Maybe his IP is one that has been coming to the website for the 3 years but he only signed up recently? That would be my guess, a very uneducated one I'll admit to but I figure IP is the way they track a lot of usage. Neil
  10. Fuji-whopper

    Case for Lucasi raised grip cues

    Just ordered one of these and for $149 I don't see how you can go wrong, am 90%+ sure it would fit the cues/wraps you're talking about: Hope this helps, Neil
  11. Fuji-whopper

    AZ Billiards scam

    A TedX talk spoke about something like this, the person was talking about how we are setting ourselves up for failure the more we try make an accurate business model and prepare for every conceivable setback instead of just opening the business and changing things as you go. Of course this is a...
  12. Fuji-whopper

    SVB vs Earl

    Wow great match PLUS they have a $25 clinic before the match, something for everyone at this event!! Neil
  13. Fuji-whopper

    Fargo Rating - League Player

    You play well I'll take the 8-ball and play cheap sets, taking into account just the league matches your Fargo rating should be 579 sorry they can't include your gambling matches but those aren't recorded (for tax purposes). Sound about right? Neil
  14. Fuji-whopper

    One pocket rule clarification: Non-forward stroke intentional foul

    At this point it seems pretty clear of the rule, it's there but hardly enforced and won't fly if you're playing an International-level event....if there were such a thing for one pocket. Neil
  15. Fuji-whopper

    porper mini lathe

    Wish people would mail to Hawaii on some items, even on Amazon they won't ship certain electronics....*sigh*. Neil
  16. Fuji-whopper

    One pocket rule clarification: Non-forward stroke intentional foul

    Funny you say that, he just can't believe that I don't play one pocket seeing as how I beat him for a few dollars and am now spotting him and beating him for a few more dollars. We're not betting much by any means but he hasn't booked a winner yet, so in his eyes I am a one pocket machine even...
  17. Fuji-whopper

    Lucky Cues (ILC) - Ebony/Bubinga

    That is the most inexpensive cue I have seen him make, most of his cues are $5k and above. Lucky has been around the game/cues for a very long time and he has an AMAZING collection of cues which spurred his interest in making them I'm sure. Neil
  18. Fuji-whopper

    One pocket rule clarification: Non-forward stroke intentional foul

    Wow thank you everyone for your 2 cents and then some, it's a friendly game so I'm never going to call the guy out on it regardless of the feedback I got here. If I'm going to play the game with him and other people I'd like to know the correct rules plus the rules that people play by, because...
  19. Fuji-whopper

    One pocket rule clarification: Non-forward stroke intentional foul

    Recently I started showing my age and started playing one pocket & one particular opponent plays an intentional foul shot which I'm not sure if legal. He basically declares the foul then taps the top of the CB with his ferrule then goes to spot a ball, is this considered a real shot? In other...
  20. Fuji-whopper

    Drills for staying on correct side of next object ball

    Practice your pinpoint position, that will make you think about what side you want to be on and map out your runs to a higher degree. Trying to pinpoint your position will make your position play more accurate and if you pair it with hitting an exact part of the pocket it should make your...