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  1. Dartman

    Got a fixer-upper for my first pool table, looking for guidance

    Some pictures of the slate would be helpful.
  2. Dartman

    Re working my old table, have you ever seen this -RJS

    It would help to rip off the rest of the cloth and provide some better pocket pics.
  3. Dartman

    8 foot or 9 foot cloth?

  4. Dartman

    8 foot or 9 foot cloth?

    Get an 8' Oversize cut of cloth in the style you want. The rail pieces should also be precut. Shop around - several places sell that way.
  5. Dartman

    Starrett 8 or 12

    Lose 1 clown, gain another. LOL
  6. Dartman

    Contact Adhesive

    3M-10 Scotchgrip
  7. Dartman

    Simonis logo on rails

    The logo looks to be printed too far from the selvedge edge which is a mill problem. Give a call to Ivan Lee at Simonis in Chicago [800-SIMONIS]. Long ago he suggested a method for erasing the logo. Sorry that I can't remember what it was.
  8. Dartman

    Anyone seen or heard from Cuephoric?

    Try 406-224-5322
  9. Dartman

    Predator Pool Table?

    Nice pocket folds too - not.
  10. Dartman

    I must have missed the story about -

    Any idea when the bans are up?
  11. Dartman

    I must have missed the story about -

    Glen and Trent Banned?
  12. Dartman

    How to reindex 3 month old cloth pulled from a gold crown 3

    3M-10 Scotchweld is what you want to use. 77 or 90 won't hold well on Simonis.
  13. Dartman

    How to reindex 3 month old cloth pulled from a gold crown 3

    Presuming the cloth was initially trimmed, glue down rather then trying staples again. As said above, anchor 1 side and hopefully you will have enough cloth to grab onto for the opposite side. Be careful at the pockets and just index as if a new install.
  14. Dartman

    Additions to Mechanics Directory

    Chesapeake Billiards is already listed.
  15. Dartman

    Cloth stretch, use manufacturers recommendations?

    I don't know of any cloth manufacturer that provides a "recommendation" of how much to stretch the cloth on install. Even with Simonis that is typically a consistent cloth, I personally index "each" piece of cloth I install. So my advice is follow the info you've researched on how to index cloth...
  16. Dartman

    ALL NEW: Multi-Media Intelligent Pool Table Light! PATENT PENDING :)

    "MrsBlake" ? Really, the best you could do? :ROFLMAO:
  17. Dartman

    'Accuplay' worsted..???

    I have not used it. It lists free returns so you might order a piece to see it up close.
  18. Dartman

    Identifying old Brunswick cloth

    Might be Mali which is no longer available. Championship Titan would be an alternative.
  19. Dartman


    Who's gonna sue someone with Bw decals on their table? :rolleyes: