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  1. Danktrees

    Switching cues during match....Alex P.

    he was with both. mezz first then ob then carmeli. alex occasionally switches from cue to cue and butt to butt during matches as they each give him a different feel etc. sometimes he might use a heavier butt, sometimes a different shaft depending on how the table is playing.
  2. Danktrees

    What happened to Deanoc?

    you're right, dean got caught screwing up one deal but I have to think that it's not the only one. it`s unlikely that he's been selling mystery cues for all these years and was only dishonest about it this one time. i remember when he had those other mystery cues for like 300 bucks, i bought one...
  3. Danktrees

    Where is the biggest archive or discontinued Schon cues?

    It was probably this:
  4. Danktrees

    Where is the biggest archive or discontinued Schon cues?

    You can still access it through the way back machine. The last capture of it was June 18 2012 so it won't have any models newer than that but you'll still see a bunch on there
  5. Danktrees

    what cues that you own - Canada only

    I've got a searing, a cue made by justin daniliunas and the mezz power break g
  6. Danktrees

    Wanted: Olney plain jane with wrap

    still looking
  7. Danktrees

    Wanted: Olney plain jane with wrap

    need it with a big pin as well. If anyone has something for sale along those lines please let me know. thanks.
  8. Danktrees

    Limited Edition Predator 25th Anniversary Cue PFD Studios

    Just arrived in stock, the all new Predator 25th Anniversary Cue created in collaboration with Paul Drexler of PFD Studios. The cue features numerous inlays and is limited to 50 in the world with this being #15. The cue comes in at 19 oz. with a radial pin and is paired with a 12.4mm revo...
  9. Danktrees

    shane beats chang in tar match

    shane also lost to earl in a race to 100 once. TAR 20
  10. Danktrees

    Shane VanBoening VS: Chang Jung Lin Tomorrow LIVE in Ft Worth Tx

    jet li did it - new legend of shaolin
  11. Danktrees

    Tell me about Mohawk cues

    since someone brought the thread back up i'll comment on this part. the cues were all made in canada. in the shop i still have unfinished predator cues that falcon made from scratch including a predator 4k7 and 4k2. they did move to china years back and falcon as a brand still exists with the...
  12. Danktrees

    Siming Chen vs Donny Mills

    so what was the story in the last half of the match. was she up a lot and just played super tight, donnie was freewheeling and caught some momentum to tie it up. then he started playing tight near the end like she did and missed when the game was on the line?
  13. Danktrees

    Flame Veneer Nitti Hoppe w/Lizard Wrap

    Up for sale is a fantastic flame veneered nitti with a lizard wrap. It is ebony into cocobolo along with nitti's signature ringwork. The cue was completed in 2017 and has been played but is in excellent condition. Specs are: Butt: 15.4oz. Shaft: 3.4oz., 12.5mm, 29.5 inches Radial Pin Signed...
  14. Danktrees

    Gorgeous 4 Point Murrell (NEW)

    awesome cue, like this one a lot
  15. Danktrees

    Fancy Mike Gulyassy Plain Jane

    Up for sale is a fancy mike gulyassy plain jane with stitch ringwork at all 5 positions. I'm unsure of what type of wood this is but it does have some really high figure in it. Price is 750 shipped (buyer pays paypal fees), please pm or email danktrees1212 at gmail . com. Would consider trades...
  16. Danktrees

    Predator Revo shafts everywhere at the DCC

    you can just run a tap on the uniloc. takes 2 seconds, no need to wait for them to come out with a 5/16x14.
  17. Danktrees

    Custom Tooled 1 of 1 4x8 JB Case

    bump SOLD shipped excluding paypal
  18. Danktrees

    Custom Tooled 1 of 1 4x8 JB Case

    bump it up
  19. Danktrees

    Custom Tooled 1 of 1 4x8 JB Case

    SOLD shipped
  20. Danktrees

    Custom Tooled 1 of 1 4x8 JB Case

    Hi guys, looking to sell this custom 1 of 1 tooled jb case which features some custom tooling and removeable pockets inside. To the best of my knowledge I believe John Barton said he would not make an interior with this lining again as it gave him a lot of issues so here's your chance to get a...