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  1. RackemBilliards

    Johnny Archer needs help

    Still no contact. They're out looking for him.
  2. RackemBilliards

    Johnny Archer needs help

    There's still no contact. They're headed out to look for him.
  3. RackemBilliards

    Johnny Archer needs help

    Johnny posted around midnight that he was stuck in the snow out on highway 18 west, somewhere near Otterbein Indiana, west of I65. The authorities say no help will be coming tonight. There is a private vehicle ready to go out ,15 minutes away, but they don't know right where he is, and don't...
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    American Hertiage Table Worth Upgrading?

    I would have to agree. It was impressive of them to completely replace the table. Did you , by chance, buy the table at Costco? In our area, Costco sells American Heritage pool tables, and makes sure that manufacturers of their products step up to the plate with the best customer service should...
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    Diamond 7-31/2 table questions

    Have a pro move it for you with the Diamond dolly, if that's an option. If you got a great deal, it's worth it to make sure it stays in nice shape. We moved 7 of them by removing the legs, and tilting the table on to a 4 wheel dolly. We broke a few legs, and crushed several dollies with the...
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    Loose pocket and rail question

    The pockets are held on by bolts, or screws, one on each 'arm' of the pocket, which fit into the end of the rail. They go up from the bottom of the rail, and into the pocket arm. One of yours has probably just come loose a little. Some tables have slates that are cut so that you can reach the...
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    Diamond pro ball return

    I have 2 9 foot Pros that have ball returns. They were purchased in 2000, and I think it was a $400 option at the time. They came with a ball box that has separate sections on each side for one pocket. The returns appear similar to the GC in that they are black and rubber coated. There are 2...
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    One handed players

    well, I guess technically he doesn't live here since he moved to Vegas recently, but Jesse Allred is the man and then some for this. Check out the youtube love for him :)
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    Passion for the game

    I've seen that happen many times, to myself included. I've loved pool all of my adult life, but I find myself not playing nearly as much as i used to. The old adage is, "if you take your hobby and make it your job, you'll have to find another hobby". You can still play, and I don't agree that...
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    Chalk Box?

    Chalk box I have one that I bought out of a closed room. It has 2 coin mechs and vends chalk in one spot, and hand talc in the other. You can have it for $75 plus whatever the shipping is if you want. It's pretty good sized, so it could be quite a bit. I've never used it, although I know they...
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    Lock N Load

    I miss 'Lock' also, and wish he'd come around once in a while. It was fun being part of a group that didn't have meetings or dues. Plus, you didn't have to be all of those things! It was, in Lock's own words, "a society of people that play good pool and are teachers of pool to people who want to...
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    What pool cue to own if you just wanted to impress...

    Sure, this cue might lop my head off, but it's still a McDermott. I'm much more scared of the guy with the Fellini case and the 25 year old plain Szamboti or South West inside.
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    What pool cue to own if you just wanted to impress...

    Wow. Talk about 'dropping the big one'. That thing is a treasure.
  14. RackemBilliards

    Rail cloth install without Dado

    I think it was. It would have loosened up a bit with play over the last 15 years, but if it seemed glued at all, I would expect it was. I hope someone chimes in here and tells us what the best thing to do is when someone before you glues the entire slate surface. Oregon and Texas can't be the...
  15. RackemBilliards

    Rail cloth install without Dado

    From your pics and descriptions would say that someone at some point installed the bed cloth by gluing the whole surface. That's disappointing. Was the whole bed cloth glued when you took it apart? That backed cloth that was on it may have actually helped you, as I think it would be even worse...
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    Best Pool-Related Deal Ever

    Wow, there's a bunch of great deals on a bunch of cool stuff here. I've been lucky enough to run into a few in my 25 years owning the pool room. The best would have to be the most recent. I'd been keeping a (quiet) eye on a place here locally that had gone out of business several years ago. When...
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    can anyone id this pool table

    Haha...Glen is living right in your head.
  18. RackemBilliards

    Looking for POS software advice - What's the best?

    We also have PHM and all of the available upgrades for bar, restaurant, and pos credit card processing. I love the system and have also found Mike very helpful and patient.
  19. RackemBilliards

    R.I.P. Mickey Scott formerly of D&D Family Billiards

    Very sorry to hear that. Mickey's posts in the room owners section are the first that I remember following after joining AZ. His struggles and his determination to stay the course and maintain a high quality, traditional pool room to the end made an impression on me. RIP Highrun55.
  20. RackemBilliards

    Hello everyone how to get 5 years out of cloth please read

    Actually, it would probably work. After the first year or two no one would play on it. Might last forever :rolleyes: