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  1. Donny Wessels

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3 Pool Table, Rare Hi Gloss Black

    Here’s some photos of the bottom of the rails, great condition.
  2. Donny Wessels

    Brunswick Gold Crown 3 Pool Table, Rare Hi Gloss Black

    Hey guys, I have several of these GC3 tables from Diamond Billiard Club in Brea CA. I’m asking $2500 each. Price includes new West State Pro Worsted Cloth. They are in great condition, maintained by Ernesto Dominguez and there not missing a bolt or have any loose inserts. They have the stock...
  3. Donny Wessels

    Anniversary Leg Bands Needed

    I got lucky, Ken actually has 8-footers but no other sizes. Thanks.
  4. Donny Wessels

    Anniversary Leg Bands Needed

    Does anybody have 8-foot Anniversary leg bands?
  5. Donny Wessels

    Gold Crown Slate Upgrade?

    Jay Spielberg was telling me that he uses 1 1/2" slate on Gold Crown. This was a few years ago. His number is 603-765-6160. Jay is a billiards mechanic in the North East.
  6. Donny Wessels

    anyone know this person making new rails for brunswick tables?

    Jeremy, Are you joining the wood yourself?
  7. Donny Wessels

    Sub-rail Extensions vs. Pocket shimming

    Hi Russ, I no longer have that photobucket account. Sorry about that. I haven't done table work in years and don't really have photo's. I do have an old facebook account that might have what your looking for. Check facebook for sdbilliards. Thanks, Donny
  8. Donny Wessels

    Diamond ball polisher storage

    How about putting a glass top on it to make an end table?
  9. Donny Wessels

    Diamond Ball Polisher issue...

    When I use the Diamond ball polisher the sprocket will come flying out every time I Aramith Ball Cleaner. I recommend the Meguirs Cleaner Wax or the Meguirs Ulitimate Quik Detailer for frequent cleaning.
  10. Donny Wessels

    Nortech Slate Lifter

    is this the one for bar tables with the long thread?
  11. Donny Wessels

    New GC6 Picts

    Hi John, Not sure, I just got this installed last week on Tuesday. I don’t think it was.
  12. Donny Wessels

    New GC6 Picts

    Have you guys seen this table?
  13. Donny Wessels

    Pool Lessons in Socal by Robin Dodson - No Charge

    West State Billiards 1225 Burton St Fullerton CA 92831 Free lessons this Saturday, January 27th. Robin Dodson will be here from 3:30 to 5:00. If you have time we would love to have you. Never to late to beat your friends at pool, let us help. West State Billiards welcomes Robin Dodson She...
  14. Donny Wessels

    Brunswick 9FT Slate-Is it universal between tables?

    Travis, I have New brazilian slate that will work.
  15. Donny Wessels

    Gold crown 9 ft cover question

    Make sure you find a cover that is 64" x 114". I was unable to find a universal fit cover that fits. I order mine custom from Giuseppe Cues, I sell them for $120.
  16. Donny Wessels

    Anniversary Counter Not Spinning

    No, just dis-assembled for polishing and cleaning.
  17. Donny Wessels

    Anniversary Counter Not Spinning

    Thanks Jeremy.
  18. Donny Wessels

    Anniversary Counter Not Spinning

    I'm not familiar with the Anniversary tables. Does the slate need to have bevels on the foot side for the counter to spin?
  19. Donny Wessels

    Lancaster, CA--Sharky's Billiards--Gold Crown 2 rail rebuild-Need the experts

    Hi Travis, where you been hiding? Ask the owner If he would be interested in some Diamonds if I financed him. Also, I can replace the wood on the subrails back to the featherstrip groove, we do the work here at West State, Were not the fastest though. Zach is also a good choice, he's done some...
  20. Donny Wessels

    Must see poolrooms

    We delivered Diamond tables to the Firehouse in Bakersfield. They have two locations, the newer location was very cool. Not so much a serious pool hall but designed more for families. They featured Diamond pool tables, bowling alleys, monster TV's, Arcades and much more. Haven't seen the final...