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  1. joelpope

    Elephant training ball sets

    I have the same question. Looking for the either new or used.
  2. joelpope

    Simonis branding on rail cloth

    Simonis replacement cloth I have seen comes in one big piece, the logo is printed on the cloth in some fashion and the installer cuts or rips the long and short rail pieces off of the large piece typically they position the logo so it is on the underside of a short rail
  3. joelpope

    Anyone Else See The PCSL Pool Match on ESPN?

    it was awful hard to imagine the meeting where the concept was approved when it fails I think it will reinforce TV's decision not to air pool, truly a shame maybe if they could get Joe Rogan to do live analysis of the Mosconi Cup or some amateur 8 Ball finals there might be a draw but with...
  4. joelpope

    Gold Crown Adventure

    been there for sure, how do your shop walls look?
  5. joelpope

    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    the level of the game has risen with better tables, cloth, cues, tips, etc... same discussion in golf but the fact is that the dedication to the game, eye hand coordination, competitive spirit and pure guts that made champions 100 years ago would make them champions today the biggest...
  6. joelpope

    Cleaning balls: wtf happened?!

    find a pool room with a ball cleaner and give the guy $20 to run your balls until they are back to normal
  7. joelpope

    Would love to buy a diamond pool ball cleaner

    If I had your talent I would build my own Tesla
  8. joelpope

    Two playing cues used in the same game?

    one school of thought is to eliminate as many variables as you possible can variables you can't control: - table set up, cloth, speed, rails, pockets - balls being clean, dirty, poor quality, mixed sets, brand - environment being quiet, noisy, bright, dark, hot, cold, humid variables you can...
  9. joelpope

    Two playing cues used in the same game?

    the concept is that for full hits golfers use one "swing" the same swing on a highly lofted 9 iron produces a high trajectory, less distance and more spin (throwing a dart) whereas the same swing on a 4 iron produces a lower trajectory and much greater distance (playing to an approximate area)...
  10. joelpope

    George Breedlove

    I believe he got hit in the eye by a rock from a lawnmower in a freak accident at a driving range that took him out of top form. I'm sure someone out there has the details.
  11. joelpope

    What Do You Look For in a Pool Instructor

    I have had lessons from numerous individuals ranging from top name instructors you see on this website to Pros that do lessons on the side. I found 2 basic approaches: instructor style #1 had a lesson script and nothing was going to get him "off script" including my level of play, strengths or...
  12. joelpope

    Ball movement and accuracy - 12.5 vs 12.9 diameter tip

    Just to put this conversation into perspective, the difference between 12.5mm & 12.9mm is less than 2 one hundredths of an inch. Any variation in radius shape between the two tips is far more important than the diameter.
  13. joelpope

    Poolgame: Wizardball

    absolutely, they have hosted the Wyoming Open for years using this format.
  14. joelpope

    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    Matchroom is investing in pool Predator is investing in pool WPA has been and continues to be a drag on pool out with the old, in with the new
  15. joelpope

    Seybert shipping....buyer beware

    so, you used a 3rd party pay later firm & don't like their return policy & you decided after the fact to change delivery address with another 3rd party so your reaction is to trash the retailer that has done absolutely nothing wrong. how's the weather in your alternate universe?
  16. joelpope

    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    that is entirely possible, remove your spot sticker and you will know for sure.
  17. joelpope

    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    the "spot marker" is there for more than marking the spot. During your break on the 1st ball the cue ball bounces on the way to the rack & typically hits the lead ball above center which drives the ball into the cloth. Do it enough without a spot sticker and you will end up with a hole in the...
  18. joelpope

    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    didn't receive any email
  19. joelpope

    Dieckman cue with mismatched shaft?

    easy to replace black ring on shaft with white if that is what is bothering you
  20. joelpope

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    sniff, sniff.... yeah I'm not the only one that smells it