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    Interested. Hope to see pics soon.
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    Tascarella Joint Protectors

    Hello there. I'm in need of some "Sugartree" joint protectors. Can you help? Please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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    2017 Birdseye Bacote Sugartree

    Hey Nick. i received my SUGARTREE! Thank You for the great communication and sale of this beauty. I have yet to play with it but soon enough. If you don't mind i would like to give you a shoutout on any pool forums on Facebook. Please let me know which one you frequent. I am practically on all...
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    2017 Birdseye Bacote Sugartree

    What is the shipping cost and how will you ship it (UPS, USPS,or Other method)? I am really interested and i don't want to pass on this cue again. I am surprised it is still available.
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    R Black, R Harris, Capone, Schon For Sale!!

    what is the lowest you will take for #5?