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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    With a drumstick!!!
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    After Party Pictures

    This post is worthless without pictures, plus she would be 20 years older by now. Maybe single now?
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    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    I never really liked the stuff..., but it did smell really good.
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    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    Not bothering SVB.
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    How do these diamond tables play so badly? vid

    Lack of audience from what I saw.
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    How good were Cole Dickson and Mark Tadd?

    Doesn't look like Reed to me.
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    How do you carry your magic rack with you?

    It's not unusual.
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    Equipment Variation: A dimpled cue ball

    Speaking of dimples, have you ever had your head examined?
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    Right to Left or Left to Right?

    Sorry, should have the entire thread before posting.
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    Right to Left or Left to Right?

    This has come up before, I think the record is 11or 12 hundred in a row. Guy didn't miss, just quit and went home.
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    Lookin for book

    Humphrey still posts
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    Gorst returns to international play

    Guess they don't teach that at "The Academy".
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    Other sport example for non-pool / non-sports player to understand

    Pocket ball, Input GPS co-ordinates. Substitute TPS (Table Positioning System).
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    When and where was the previous convention held?
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    Woody Woodworth Cues

    Perhaps Roger Allen I was thinking of, apologies.
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    Woody Woodworth Cues

    I seem to remember him passing from COVID. I could be wrong.
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    Pounding on the Top rail/Foul

    I concur, would only happen two times at most, unless its Fabio Petroni.
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    Newsflash: yapping dog finally gets off porch, barely wins over traveling case maker. -2014

    I hope this goes off. Also hope it it eclipses the DannyHarrimanxradartransjschmidtjaysonshaw clusterfuthread.