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    Wtb used 9 foot in Canada

    Just throwing this out there to see what's available for this price point. Posting for my cousin that has just finished his basement and asked my advice on where to buy a table. His budget is 3k after install and wants Simonis. Willing to ship from US if that will save some money obviously...
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    Thoughts on black felt for this table

    Thanks for all of the help. Although I think that looks pretty damn good in the photoshop (thanks Floppage), I wouldn't want to sacrifice playability for looks. I'll debate between green and blue for a while now myself. I have never had any issues with it. I play for long periods of time...
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    Thoughts on black felt for this table

    I did indeed try to search but had a hard time finding anything. Interesting, I hadn't thought about felt having an impact on trying to see the shot. Thanks
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    Thoughts on black felt for this table

    I need to refelt my pool table. After exploring ideas I thought with the light wood color that black actually looked pretty good. Anyone have any experience with black felt? Any opinions on a different color? I am debating between what's on it now or black, but I'm open to other suggestions...
  5. F Worrying Signs

    As I said in my op edit the problem has been resolved. Thanks for the help everyone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Interesting, thank you
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    It did look like the top part of the ferrule fell off, but there was no peace of it on the table or still on the tip. It wasn't a completely flat surface though, it was hollow in the middle, which is why the repair guy said it fell off in the first place and will continue to. It didn't say...
  8. F Worrying Signs Worrying Signs..... Edit problem solved false alarm Edit...Turns out the owner was badly sick and away from the office for a week. He is getting the shaft out in the next couple days and upgrading to a better tip for the trouble. He was nice and apologetic. Problem solved. Anyone...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    WTB Jump/break

    Needs to ship to Canada hoping to spend under $200
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    Questions about LUCASI L-ZC32 CUE

    Sorry if this posted in wrong place. I have a couple questions I need clarifying. I am thinking of buying this cue The questions I have are... will my ob2 with unilock fit on this? Since I don't need the lucasi shaft the seller is...