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    Miz gambling for $500 a game !

    Aah! The Miz! I remember Miz gambling with Efren Reyes in Charlotte, N.C. ar a spot called "Rob's Roost". Well Miz ended up walking out of the "pit" shaking his head and he said that Reyes didn't know a thing about playing One-Pocketbut how do you beat a guy that never misses a ball...
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    Memories of "Miz the Master"

    This is Scott "the shot" Smith and l was Steve's T.D. for the Senior Tour that was sponsored by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. I flew into Fla. to work a stop on the Senior Tour and the Miz picked me up at the airport. Bare in mind, it was after the Miz had had a stroke! I got in his car and he...