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    What ever happened to (insert pool player name here)?

    Come on pt... How can you not like that pic with Earl? That is awesome. Earl actually looks like his mind was intact back then. Anyway, I appreciate him being part of the forum regardless of intentions... Thanks for sharing Ron
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    4 lefties on stream right now

    Hatch vs shorty and Rodney vs shaw... pretty cool. Probably won't happen ever again
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    10-ball may be hurting pool in America

    Old school wooden rack, designated racker.... Simple, effective solution... No need to alt break... People love to see top players string em together
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    mosconi cup 2016

    Svb Sky Berg Alex Morra/Klatt
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    Thinking out loud for 2016

    Both Sky and Justin left it all out there... Performed to the best of their ability under immense pressure... What I learned from this year though is that everybody $hits, EVERYBODY. I remember watching Neils freeze himself onto a ball with bih, etc, etc, so on, so on... Anyway, viewing the...
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    "tightest mosconi table ever"

    Seriously??? I just watched nvb miss two balls in one rack... I cant keep track of how many balls sat up, then dropped this week... Both players get the luxury of dogging balls and watching them fall...
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    U.S. Open 9-ball Updates

    back up now
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    us open feed

    smooooooth sailing
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    U.S. Open 9-ball Updates

    Ahhh man... Wish I checked in here 1st... Just ordered night session... Unwatchable
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    Ga-Young Kim

    In final 16 of Open 10 ball now... (tornado open) Lost 1st round and has rattled off 6 straight wins to make final 16. Next match vs Danny Smith This is a very tough field... Rest of final 16 consists of mika, efren, orcullo, gomez, biado, morra, sky, dechaine, shaw, jj, bautista, davis jr...
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    I just viewed this rack gxman... This rack was indeed the game changer. But it wasnt the illegal break. It was svb getting back to the table, getting a lil flat on 5, then hooking himself with 3 balls on table. He would've been up 10-8 right there, huge game...
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    Break Stats -- WPA World 9-Ball Championship, September 2015

    Nice work as always at atlarge... Would it be possible to see svb's tourney stats combined? Curious to see if his bnr rate was up over 50%... It seemed like his play improved as the tourney progressed. Hitting his stride vs dennis, then lil ko. Tx again
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    Ruslan Chinakhov

    Here is a link to Dynamite open earlier this month vs mika... Starts slow but ends being a very well played hill-hill final... Ruslan is also one of my new favs... Super smooth, fluid stroke with a nice tempo... Here is a great us open match to...
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    last 64 World 9 ball championships

    I'm pulling for Ruslan Chinakhov to take it down... Smoothest stroke in the game has already beaten nvb and lee van...
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Right... strange format "so, how long you been in tourney" "four days" "awesome, how much you cash for" "i was out in two"
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    World 9 Ball brackets out... No Shaw???

    Jayson Shaw has always been one of my favs to watch. Fast, fluid, fearless lefty that shoots as straight as any man on the planet. This man has been on a tear and is very capable of taking the whole thing down... If you look over brackets, there is an empty slot in group 4. Possibly his??? So...
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    who has the best stroke in the world ?

    Smoothest stroke in the game today is Ruslan Chinakhov by a good country mile... Check out one of his matches online... As pure as the driven snow... Below is a link of the thrilling final from Dynamite open over the weekend...
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    How about get yourself a job

    What is it with you people? What is so difficult to interpret from the op? He stated that he feels that it's sad that all you so called champions have been reduced to beggars looking for handouts. He then states that if all you worldbeaters would find jobs, there would be more money in the...
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    Ekonomopoulos 5pack on Niels

    Guy can flat out play... I found a match last night of him beating drago in a 2006 final at age 14. I will share link when I make it home...
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    Ekonomopoulos 5pack on Niels

    Bummer This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds... I found this stream of Bergen Open Day 2 earlier on youtube. Found the beginning of Nikos/Niels, paused it for loading and later viewing. Came back to watch it and received message above...