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    Interesting Predicament

    Will call Chris Monday to see what the price and timeframe is first.
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    Interesting Predicament

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    Interesting Predicament

    Do you happen to have his contact info?
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    Interesting Predicament

    So I recently received my loaded custom cue from Chris Nitti, which is an absolute beauty that is flawless in every way, shape, and form. More importantly, I love the way it feels when I shoot with it, even more than my Mezz which has been my favorite player the moment I paired it with the...
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    Production Cues vs. custom

    You get a production cue if you are looking for a normal player that you aren't afraid to take out and play with. You get a custom cue if you have a specific design and specs in mind that you want for your cue or if you are a collection whore. Each of my customs are based off specific visions or...
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    Mezz vs lower end customs

    I have a Mezz EC-7 with an Ignite shaft and enjoy using it compared to all my other custom cues with the exception of my Nitti cue that I got recently. I am unsure what it is about the Nitti, but I enjoy how it feels in my hands and when I hit balls with it a LOT. This actually puts me in an...
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    “I beat myself…”

    While I get that people don't like the sentiment behind "I beat myself", I certainly appreciate it a lot more than "My opponent got lucky" which has got to be the most pathetic excuse for losing ever. Unless it's winner breaks and they won a coin flip and then proceeded to just break and run out...
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    Brandy Schrader your cue is finished...

    Oh wow that’s beautiful!
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    That Vietnam crowd is what pool needs more of.

    Pool needs to bring in commentators that provide League of Legend or Spanish soccer commentary energy.
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    My latest custom cue and first Nitti, Dark Knight

    Here is the newest custom cue to my collection; Dark Knight. I approached Chris Nitti with a vision of inlays that resembled spearheads and bridged points to resemble a crown. I wanted the entire cue to be more monochrome in nature to really make the inlays pop. He suggested windows to make the...
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    David Francis your cue is finished..

    Oh wow, this is definitely one of your more unique creations. I love it!
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    Aramith 100 new ball set out tomorrow

    $750?! Holy shit, Aramith must think we are idiots!
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    Did the cue market fall apart?

    For me personally, I never had interest in a 2nd hand custom cue. For me, each custom cue I own means something personal to me. If it was designed for someone other than me, I immediately lose all interest. I worked with the artists making the cues to bring my vague vision to life and long the...
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    Nice! Mine should be ready to ship next week
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    Sold J&J Butterfly Case

    Still available?
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    Predator Acros 2 ball set worse than original Cyclop set, for colorblind players

    You mean you can’t tell which panther is what number? 😮
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    Pool returns to ESPN….

    Cage fight to decide who breaks before each game.
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    Pool returns to ESPN….

    Thank God! When I saw that cornhole had a place on ESPN, but not pool I damn near had an aneurysm.
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    Aramith 100 new ball set out tomorrow

    Why did they change from the pink 4 and purple 5? That's the problem with the younger generations nowadays, no respect for traditions!