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    Any Independent Pool Leagues

    I’ve played APA, BCA, and bar league with modified bar rules. I liked BCA the best for play but didn’t like their fees, most of the money went to the top two teams , and it’s to long with 33 weeks to finals. APA was enjoyable but drags on too late and you don’t get any money back. I liked the...
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    ond day pool clinics in california

    Any classes in the Fresno area the last 2 weeks of November?
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    Crying over spilt beer.

    Detergent wash, vinegar rinse, shop vac out the water, sit in front of a fan for 2 or 3 days or until dry to the touch then, thrown in rice, cat liter or baking soda for a few days to get any remaining moisture out. Or you can mail it to me for disposal.<gggg>>
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    Pool is a game of confidence

    I'm very confident that I can make that duck sitting in front of the hole. Then, up steps cocky and a big miss. I practice to know that I have the confidence to make more of a particular shot then I will miss. That gives me a slight edge.
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    Simple Shots

    Varies with the individual. I know a bar maid that started playing at 19 and in 3 months was beating the pants off of 70% of the regular players but she had one of the top players schooling her daily.
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    Practicing on Coin-op tables

    Now days all of my practice time is on coin table. I go the neighborhood bar to play and when the players get tired of being beat, usually after the 2nd or 3rd game, I’m left with no challengers. I practice with what I’m having trouble with or duplicating tough shots I’ve seen others make. Break...
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    Is sleep essential to improving?

    Most definitely. I don't know how it affected me in my younger years but now in my senior years I rarely play well if I don't get +6 1/2 hrs. For myself I believe every component suffers, visual, coordination, and thinking.
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    Best sneaky Pete cue for the cheapest?

    Played with a $40 Players NP for 8 years before acquiring a second hand Players with a HXT shaft. Joints are still tight and shafts are still straight on both. I had to replace the ferule on the np but that was because of playing with a tip that needed changing. Best bang for the buck imho.
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    Need some help? New tip issues

    In the past I've had trouble getting a tip to stick to a pad. Never had a tip come off that was glued directly to a ferule. Does pads require a different glue?
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    Tipping the tournament director?

    I would like to know for the small bar tournaments. I've never seen anyone it. I use to buy them a beer or two but the new director doesn't drink.
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    Banger question re: cut shot drills

    Looks to be a good drill for CB positioning, also. Position only one OB on the table for each shot. 1) avoid scratch 2) move CB around to stop near each rail.
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    Did I take up the wrong sport?

    Copy World Wrestling Entertainment, and allow sharking in the televised pro events with anything goes.
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    Free At Last!!! Retired to do what I want to!!

    I'm curious where do you retirees play and how often? I retired 12 years and spent 5 years fishing before getting back to my love for pool that I had when I was 20. Started practicing at an old small pool hall where the local kids hang out and with all the info online it really advanced my game...
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    Advice on Finding a League Team

    Go to the bars on the night the teams are playing and talk to the captains. You may have to go back every few weeks until a team loses a player. I didn't get anywhere with the LO or website.
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    Alternative for powder.....

    I mostly play in a bar on the Texas coast that does not allow powder nearly always has high humidity. Most of the time I don't have a problem when I keep my hands and cue clean and dry but I had to first sand the factory finish off the shaft. A glove would be nice but who wants to fool around...
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    What would get you to go to a tournament?

    I play very few tournaments because they start them late and drag them on to 1 or 3 am. They never start early or on time. They don't cut off the number of players for the number of tables being used. ie: 20 players playing one table. Week night tournaments should be run to be over by 10:30pm...
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    Back Trouble

    I've had lower back pain for 18 years after herniated a disc snow skiing 18 yrs ago. Also, was told I had spinal stenosis and scoliosis. Before you do anything read any of Dr Sarno's books. Mind Body Connection, Healing Back Pain, and The Divided Mind. The Divided Mind is his latest. Also, Dr...
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    quitting smoking and pool

    This worked for me. I was smoking 3-4 packs a day Get the book Self Talk by Dr Helmsetter It has a chapter on stop smoking. Basically, Take a 3x5 card and write down all the reason why not to smoke. For example: Expensive, High risk of Bad health High rise of cancer holes burnt in car seat and...
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    What cue makers build their own shafts (not using cheap blanks).

    Players shafts are turned and dried in several stages that takes a year or two to finish and treated with wood stabilizers. I would rather a cue maker used a players than a block of wood that is not turned and dried in stages or treated with stabilizers. I have a players cue that I break with...
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    Ferrule Replacement

    Which ferrule would a cue repairman typically install on inexpensive cues as a players? What would be your preference for a lighter and more durable ferrule as the original one has cracked. Screw on or slip on? I knew of a repairman several years ago that only installed the threaded ones but...