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    APA 8 Ball Question

    Appreciate the sarcasm, I didn’t think about that at all….
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    APA 8 Ball Question

    Has anyone ever experienced a match where the other team legitimately scored a 15-0 against the other team, or know a league operator that has witnessed this? Apparently it happened shockingly enough in the final match of the session to help the other team make the playoffs.
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    2017 World Pool Series 8Ball Jan.14th - 17th

    Stream will be up at 2:30....
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    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    According to the site Shane is up 9-8!
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    I think it's hard to single out players, they all do it from time to time. Scott tried to call SVB on a hill-hill match. I don't know the rules but it sounded like SVB was right? Starts at 1:27:16
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    Mosconi Cup (Stream Link)

    ESPN 3 just went live 3-1 USA
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    What happened to International Challenge of Champions 2015?

    Is their a live stream for this?
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    World Cup of Pool - Day 4 & 5 Updates

    Quick side note, does anyone know what kind of glove the one Japanense shooter is using?
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    World Cup of Pool 2015

    With the World Cup of pool nearing, I am curious how everyone will be watching?
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Does anyone know the start time?
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    How is Mike doing?
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Thanks for the quick updates
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    Does Mike or Shane play again today?
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    ★ world 9 ball championship ★ qatar★

    I am seeing 9-9 on the stream
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    Second Chance 2014 Billiards Movie

    It was posted awhile back about this movie releasing in Taiwan. I came across the DVD and also a 3$ off coupon.
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    Pro Players List

    Looks like the list was update as of Monday and a lot of the major players have signed up, Earl, SVB, Deuel, so far the open 10 ball is at 40 players.
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    Scooter, Family Man and Best Hustler in America

    Anyone else see the cue ball jump of the table on the first break in the video?