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  1. J

    Sugartree 8pt paduk on ebony

    Take any trade plus boot? Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Josh Treadway cue for sale

    ivory joint?
  3. J

    FS - 2 Brand New 25th Anniversary Bluegrass Cues

    Please send price of #1 cue to Thx Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  4. J

    Josey Inlaid Fullsplice with veneers + 3 shafts

    Still available Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  5. J

    GORGEOUS bluegrass ebony on ebony for trade

    Pm sent on harris
  6. J

    FS: 2014 Omen High Figure Cocobolo/ BEM Deluxe Pete

    Is it tapped for a weight bolt?
  7. J

    *-*-* Ernie Martinez Beauty *-*-*

    Nice looking cue. Glws
  8. J

    Dennis swift case for sale or trade

    Im next in line if falls through.
  9. J

    *-*-* Brent Summers Custom Cue K/O Beauty *-*-*

    Damn I cant believe Brent is selling this one. Thought he was gonna keep it. Awesome looking cue. All his cue have a great hit. Glws
  10. J

    $500-$1000 cash ready to buy

    And I have couple others within the price range as well.
  11. J

    $500-$1000 cash ready to buy

    Got a brand new 4 point durbin with 2 shafts. 19.5oz with 3/8 11 g10 pin. 606 923-7420 if interested 8n pics. 1000 shipped
  12. J

    *-*-* Fs/Ft Viking Older Like New*-*-*

    Good looking cue. Glws
  13. J

    _____FS/FT: Wes Hunter_____

    Pm sent about a trade
  14. J

    *-*-* Scott Gracio Custom Cue Mint *-*-*

    Bet that cue hits a ton. Glws
  15. J

    Blue Grass 20th Anniversary Edition

    Pm sent on the harris
  16. J

    *-*-* Custom Cocobolo Merry Widow *-*-*

    Pretty cue. What tip is on it now?
  17. J

    drop points

    sent you a pm
  18. J

    Looking to have cue made

    Would recommend Brent Summers. Very good guy to deal with and has a passion in doing a unique and one of a kind cue for ya.
  19. J

    Carmeli cocobolo $$899 $$$

    Sent you texts since my email is screwed up.
  20. J

    *-*-* Jerry Olivier 1of1 Fresh Off The Lathe *-*-*

    Very pretty cue. Love the wood grain. What is the weight?