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    Sold For Sale Original 60s hand made George Balabushka Cue $27,000 (sold)

    Like was mentioned above registered mail takes FOREVER. It took forever pre covid, so i could just imagine how long it takes now - especially if it’s going from coast to coast. Registered mail is super slow, but also the safest way to ship something valuable like your cue. It’ll turn up...
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    WTB - Brunswick Gold Crown

    Pennsylvania is easier, but I’m open to either if the table and price is right.
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    WTB - Brunswick Gold Crown

    I’m looking for a 9’ gold crown in good playing condition. I’m located in New Jersey, but I’m willing to drive some for the right table.
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    Gold crown 2 question

    New Jersey
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    Gold crown 2 question

    Interesting. Seller claims the coated ball returns is what made it a gc2.
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    Gold crown 2 question

    I'm in the market for a gold crown & I stumbled upon this one. A couple questions I had... 1. Is it actually a Gold Crown 2? 2. Is it slate? brunstone? etc. 3. The middle piece of slate is chipped on the corner (which can be seen in the second pic). The seller claims the chipped portion...
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    "Diamondizing" A Table Thread

    I live in NJ. How would I even go about finding a table mechanic that has the knowledge to calibrate a table like this?
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    Gold Crown Identification

    Thanks for all the feedback. I knew you guys on here would know. Its located in Northern New Jersey on facebook marketplace if anyone is interested. I'm going to hold out for a GC1.
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    Gold Crown Identification

    Seller claims this is a brunswick gold crown 1. Is it? Hopefully the attached pics show enough detail. Thanks in advance.
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    New Jersey Cue Maintenance

    I’m actually right in the middle of castle and sandcastle. Thanks again.
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    New Jersey Cue Maintenance

    Sandcastle is a short drive so that’ll work. Thanks for the info.
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    New Jersey Cue Maintenance

    I didn't see a regional section on the forum, so I'm hoping this is the right place for this. I'm located in Northern New Jersey & I'm looking for a shop/individual to replace tips on my cues? There's a local billiard store that sells tables, etc, but I'm not sure how qualified they are for...
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    Guess That Cue Maker

    I just picked up one of his cues a couple weeks ago. Plays great and looks amazing. Lots of bang for the buck with his cues.
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    Sold 9' Diamond Professional $3500 NOLA metro area

    Very nice table & sweet deal.
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    Szamboti Cue Play

    Can/Do you play with your Szamboti cue or should you keep it safely stored away as a safe queen? You could purchase a vintage rolex, wear it carefully, & enjoy it without too much fear of damage. How does a high end vintage cue like a Szamboti compare? Would there be too much fear of damaging...
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    Josey 2020- Purpleheart -like new

    Bought a cue off this gentlemen a few weeks back. Cue arrived in better than new condition. Deal with confidence!
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    Sold P/H.....Spalted Tamarind.......Turquoise.........Wrapless.......F/S......

    This guy makes a beautiful cue! I just got mine in the mail the other day. Pics don’t do justice compared to how they look in person.