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    Who rack Balls in the '50 for 15 cent a rack>>> You showing your age!

    Russell Weeks owned the local pool hall then. Beer or a soft drink and pool. Nothing else. Ten cents per game for 6 ball or 9 ball. A quarter for 8 ball. Everything else was on the clock. This was in a small town in South Florida. Best place and time to grow up IMHO.
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    masons micarta verses ?

    If you like a “click” sound from your cue, don’t use Tomahawk. Tomahawk and a VS Ultraskin tip removed the “tink” sound from my Cynergy cue. The sound a cue makes is a personal preference. I’ve replaced ferrules that had a small crack, but the owner thought he just needed a new tip. LBM may be...
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    Gorilla Glue

    Since I use and recommend Tomahawk for ferrules, I’ll look for Dap Weldwood CA. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Gorilla Glue

    The ferrule was Tomahawk and have had no problems with Loctite and that ferrule. I think I just got a bad bottle. This happens from time to time with many products.
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    Gorilla Glue

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this. Just opened a new bottle of GG CA to install a couple of tips. Prepared the tip and ferrule as normal, waited 10 minutes and started to shape the tip. The tip fell off!! Never had that happen with Loctite Gel. Only used GG because the store was out of Loctite...
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    CF Shaft Interior

    Garzar you are spot on again. My Cynergy made a god awful tink sound; my workaround was to change the ferrule to Tomahawk and that made the sound much better. This may not work for anyone else.
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    Pressing cue tips

    Spot on!!!! Layered tips have glue between the individual layers. Given enough pressure, you could break the adhesion. You would have just ruined a $25.00 to $28.00 tip. No way to fix that.
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    Lathe speed for tips

    With layered tips, slower is better. Don’t generate too much heat.
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    Need help finding a replacement cuestick tip

    That crossed my mind, but I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they show their true colors. Then, they become persona non grata.
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    Need help finding a replacement cuestick tip

    Gary, you have restored my faith in my fellow man. What a generous thing to do. If no one close could do the repair, I would pay shipping both ways and install a new ferrule and a tip of his choice. You’re right, we gotta take care of our vets, especially those who were wounded. Thanks again Gary!
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    I think the use of Pledge depends on the shaft’s coating. My Defy shaft was kind of tacky when I got it. Tried Pledge and it got even tackier with use. Sent it back to McDermott and they worked their magic and now I just use alcohol to clean it.
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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    If the wood shaft only has one or two (small!) dings, I will remove them for no extra charge. I also let them know the shaft will not be ready in 10 - 15 minutes if I remove small dings.
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    Did the cue market fall apart?

    I have to agree with how easy it is to take a CF blank and turn it into a great playing cue! Have finished two and getting ready to start on a third. Still can’t believe I spent over $1200 on 3 CF shafts!
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    Anyone use Renaissance wax on a CF shaft?

    I’ve used Renaissance Wax on wooden cues, but I did not like how fast it hardened. That made it difficult to polish. Also, the shaft got tacky when I played in a warm room (not uncommon here in the south). Try Pledge furniture polish. Easy to remove if you don’t like it.
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    Re-Tip Yourself or Send Out? Tip Recommendations?

    Pretty much agree with you, except I took this to the next level. I found that my own replacement tips do not make a “click” or “tick” sound now. As any experienced cue mechanic will tell you, glue starved areas on the tip will cause this sound. I also help out my friends who can’t afford $40...
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    Re-Tip Yourself or Send Out? Tip Recommendations?

    Just like painting a room at home.
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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    My cost for a Le Pro tip is around $.50; much, much more for a Kamui. If I screw up a Le Pro on install, I’m only out about half a buck. Not so with a Kamui. Please don’t forget, my time and experience are worth something. A lot of people may not know this, but several things can lead to a bad...
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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    My installation charge is whatever I make it. John was trying to keep away from a price war between authorized installers. I get a decent break on Kamui tips, therefore I could undercut other installers if I wanted to. The price you pay for a Kamui clear tip should not affect my installer...
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    Cost of Tip Replacement

    From my experience, if you install a Kamui tip, there is a minimum you must charge, if you bought the tip directly from Kamui. $40 seems to be about the charge. This does include the tip. I haven’t installed one in ages, so the minimum may be more than $40 now.
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    Top 5 players in TN?

    I ran into a guy at a local (Knoxville TN) pool room; gave me just his first name (probably fake). Said he hadn’t missed in months! I’m thinking BS. I didn’t want to gamble, so we played for fun. He dicked around the first few racks; playing one handed trying to get me to bet. I won 3 racks in a...