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    Rasson Table/Mosconi Cup

    In the Navy when a ship is built they do a SHAKE OUT CRUISE. This is to determine the ships intregity and stability. When we get new cues and shafts, we practice with them some before we put them into action. Since the billiards market worldwide has taken off, new companies have been in a hurry...
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    Video of Cole Dickson at Led Zeppelin Concert?

    This guy looks to have a beard? Cole stayed clean shaven to my recollection. He also looks a little too tall as mentioned earlier and in 1970 Cole was around Los Angeles. Keith could shed some light on this bideo. Led Zeppelin----brings back memories.
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    SJM at the 2023 International Open

    Interesting how in One Pocket there's never any question about break apiece being the standard rule. And, actually when it's tracked, alternate breaking in One Pocket only gives the player breaking about a 5-10% advantage.
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    The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames

    So so many nicknames........Love them all. A few I like are: The "Go Away Kid" from San Francisco. The "Iceman" from LA. "Bugs" Rucker Chicago. Preacher Ron from Arizona. Scrawny Ronnie From El Monte. Many don't know that Ronnie Allen was called "Junior" when he was younger. How about James...
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    Mike dechaine 2023

    If one could put the top 10 players in a room and have them all break 10 ball racks, you could hear not see who had the best break. I would bet money that once you have heard SVB break in 10 ball you'd never forget his sound.
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    Mike dechaine 2023

    Mark Twain once said: "rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated." For those who think SVB is through, look around at all the talent that has emerged the last few years. I cannot think of any "ANY" player who would play him even up 10 ball for the cash. They would only play with a stake horse...
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    Brunswick Gold Crown Cue Rack Restoration

    Scott - you the man. Please invite Dave and I back again for some POOL.
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    IMO, one possible trickle down effect might be that more money will be added to local and regional events as we see Matchroom Sports stage their tournaments. Just regionally, Hardtimes Sacramento puts on several four and five figure added tournaments on a fairly regular basis. As I look at other...
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    I read a statistic where there are 450,000 3C tables world wide and 125,000 in South Korea. It's no wonder South Korea has so many great players.
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    Lathe for tips

    Jim, take a look at some of the Creative Inventions (Joe Porper) products for re-tipping. Some of the billiard supply stores still carry his older products.
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    A similiar issue is ongoing in the world of Billiards. The South Koreans are running their own version of World Championships and their money added is way above the other established sanctioning body. Fredrick Caudron exclusively plays the Korean version and I believe he's up in winnings to...
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    Fedor Vs Tony 1 pkt

    I can't see SVB being beaten by anybody race to 100 ten ball. Throw in a Magic Rack and I put him as a big favorite over all comers. I've seen too many PACKAGES put together by him over the years. No matter how great you strike the ball, his ability to string racks together would be a huge...
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    I saw him in ACTION at the APA Nationals in Vegas three weeks ago. Looked good and was playing well.
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    Johnathan Hennessey

    Hennessee has behavioral issues and I agree with that. BUT, nothing like Earl had/has. He is a force and he is not easily intimidated in the moment. He can play, he plays hard, he takes on tough action and he is a seasoned pro. I say let him in.
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    I just returned from the APA Nationals in a Masters Team. I have some observations about the Mini Mania program at Nationals. You have to spend way too much time standing in line waiting to either sign up or get a forfeited spot. I'm talking hours here. It is a huge money maker for APA and they...
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    Shane Van Boening on 60 Minutes?

    I'm not so sure about gambling. To me when Shane or anyone bets money on themselves it's a "Wager." My skill against your skill, mano e' mano so to speak. This is not flipping coins or drawing high card, it's a game of skill and a wager on yourself. It could be for a basket of tomatoes or $10K...
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    Petey Margo RIP

    I remember watching Pete play in the 1971-2 Los Angeles 14.1 Open against the last of the great 14.1 players. Those included Lassiter, Crane, Moore, Balsis, Butera, Florence, Cicero Murphy and many more. He held his own. I did not meet him personally but I do remember his whit and jawboning with...
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    Grady's Rules for nine ball

    Grady made up rules to shorten the time it took to play matches. His "Grady Rules" for One Pocket created many problems but his efforts were admirable. His focus in the rules were really for tournaments and actually for local tournaments or weekly tournaments. They were not workable for major...
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    Preferences for how to harden (Press) Elkmaster Tips

    According to Efren Reyes they cut down on miscues and skidding because the Elkmaster Tips are imbedded with chaulk.
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    How to get chalk out of a cue case?

    Get a dowel that fits easily down the opening in the case and try to dislodge it. Obviously it is stuck probably from trying to put the butt or shaft into the case.