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    Olney Ebony Nose / Birdseye points

    You said it rolls straight. But, you also mention the shaft have a roll in them.
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    Sold PFD Paul Drexler

    I’m interested in your Frey. Please call me at 210-454-6619. Thanks
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    Bob Dzuricky 4 Point Cocobolo into Ebony

    Damn! I wanted it.😂
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    Sold SugarTree

    We all need 2 dozen cues.
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    how is black creek custom cues

    Do you still have the Blackcreek cue?
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    Sold Jerry Rauenzahn ~ Model 26 1/2 Titlist Hoppe Tribute

    I’m interested. Please reach out to me…..
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    Predator Revo 12.9 & 12.4 shafts

    Please contact me at 210-454-6619. Thanks
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    Adjusting from LD shaft to solid maple shaft.

    If you know how to play a damn house cue will do the job. Pool is pool and nothing more. Put the time on the table and if you’re not running 3 packs within 5 years take up table tennis because pool is definitely not your game.😛
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    Is the cue still available?
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    Sold Carlos Coll

    Pretty cue
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    Sold Very Cool Steve Klein Cue - Amazing Birdseye!

    I like Klein cues. Are you interested in trades?
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    Sold Old School SS Joint Chris Nitti

    I’m interested.
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    Looking for Darren Hill cues

    San Antonio, TX
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    st. Louis area pool hall scene

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    Looking for Darren Hill cues

    Do you still have the Darrin Hill cue?
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    steve klein cues review

    I collect cues but more importantly I play with them. And, in my humble opinion Steve and Wes Hunter make the best hitting cues. Solid and well balance cues.